My Sunday Photo 27.9.15

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This week I went to River Cottage in Devon with a group of food bloggers. We had a fantastic time, learnt a lot, laughed a lot and stood about in awe a lot. I took approximately 3 million photographs, some of them were pretty ok too. But my favourite was this, the pigs tails. It also seemed slightly topical (*coughs* David Cameron *coughs*). So here you go, two curly pigs tails wiggling in the sunshine.

River Cottage

16 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 27.9.15

  1. The photos from the River cottage day looked so amazing on Instagram and everywhere else. They keep making me hungry each time I look at them!

  2. Love the cute tails and having just googled ‘David Cameron & curly pig tails’ & wished I hadn’t ….Yes we lead a sheltered life Down Under, we had no idea …..we have a new Prime Minister, so our news has been full of cabinet reshuffles not #Piggate! Thanks ermmmm, for bringing me up to speed, I think!!

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