27 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 5.7.15

  1. What a great contrast of vivid colours – the blueness of the sky in the background sets everything off beautifully.

  2. Taken on a picnic blanket looking upwards? Lovely, and do you remember the saying ‘red and green should never be seen?’ well this completely blows that out of the water!!

  3. Can’t beat looking at the sky through the branches of a tree 🙂
    I’ve decided to use an old SilentSunday list to see who’s still posting…

  4. Such a gorgeous capture, it almost looks like a painting. I love the contrast between the sky and the colours of the leaves 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

  5. Great summertime photo, was you trying to get in some shade?

    Thank you for linking up

  6. That’s lovely! Having a massive heatwave here at the moment so I am imagining myself in the shade looking up through the leaves at the blue sky! 😀

  7. I imagine you are on the ground looking up the sky! Such a lovely to do just that! #mysundayphoto

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