My Sunday Photo 7.2.16

muddy puddles

It’s been a wet and windy few days and we were dying to get out of the house and get some fresh air. On Saturday afternoon I’d had enough and bundled me and the boy up and headed off to our local and usually very popular park. We had it almost to ourselves which was great fun. We walked around splashing in all the big puddles and seeing how deep they were. He was wearing his beloved bright yellow RNLI wellies too.

By the time we got home we’d hadve an hour and a half of fresh air and exercise. I kicked my walking boots off as soon as I got in the door, he was struggling to pull his wellies off, but when he did I realised there was about half a pint of water in each welly. Too much splashing! Hot baths and hot chocolate all round, we’d enjoyed being the only people in the park for a change.

14 responses to “My Sunday Photo 7.2.16

  1. Wow that is quite a puddle – I can imagine if there were lots like that, that there was quite a bit of water going into the wellies! Hot baths and hot chocolate sound like a good way of warming up again! πŸ™‚

  2. It’s great to be able to get out and about when it’s that little bit quieter and many people have decided to stay indoors. I’ve been out in the rain a couple of times this week going for walks and I’ve been constantly surprised at how quiet things can be when it rains.

  3. Wow what an absolutely perfect puddle for a perfectly dressed for the occasion child πŸ™‚ so much fun to be had! Great pic x

  4. What fun… you can’t beat getting outside no matter what the weather.
    Those wellies look fantastic. I had such a giggle thinking about carrying so much water home in them.
    I now feel the need for some hot chocolate!

  5. What perfect Country Kids fun, quite satisfying tipping the water out of boots, my kids have competitions over who has the most in their wellies!

  6. Lovely photo! Before I’d even read the post I thought ‘I hope those wellies don’t leak’! Obviously they did, but it didn’t stop him having fun.

  7. Oh my that looks like a deep puddle. Wet feet doesn’t seem to bother children whereas I hate it

    Thank you for linking up

  8. Aww… puddles are the best thing aren’t they. x

  9. hehehe! That made me chuckle…It sounds like you had great fun and that is an awesome puddle x

  10. Great picture. Splashing in puddles has to be one of my favourite activities!

  11. Fabulous – looks like the best sort of fun!

  12. There is no such thing as bad weather.

  13. He looks so happy to be splashing about in that and the wellies are definitely ones z would love πŸ™‚

  14. There is in my opinion no greater joy than splashing in puddles

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