Review: Actif Pets Flax Oil for Dogs

Our dog, Penny is about as lively as a dog can be. In another life she would have been an incredibly enthusiastic gun dog; but she’s found herself in a fairly normal family home where she gets 2 or 3 good walks a day. She lives for tennis balls and loves bounding through the woodlands around here, chasing through meadows and diving into the river for a swim. She’s full of life and I want to keep her bouncing for as long as we can.

Review: Actif Pets Flax Oil for Dogs

Like humans, dogs can feel their age. Their joints get stiff and sore and Penny with all of her racing and bouncing is a prime candidate for arthritis in her old age.

We used to give my old dog cod liver oil for her joints, but the smell was something else. We put up with it for her sake, but it used to make me gag and she would smell for hours.

Thankfully, times have changed and there’s a sweeter smelling oil supplement for dogs. Actif Pets is a family business based in Kent, they provide pet owners with holistic products and resources to help keep their pets in fine fettle. I got a 500ml bottle of Premium Flax Oil for Penny to try out.

The Flax Oil is made from flax seeds grown and cold-pressed in Yorkshire. The flax oil is 100% pure and packed full of omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, which can be really beneficial for active dogs. The flax oil supports mobility, flexibility and the immune system, and can help to maintain and improve the condition of their skin and coat.

Actif Pets Flax Oil is currently available in two sizes, 500ml (£10.99) and 1 litre (£15.99). The bottle has a clever design, squeeze it and there’s a dosing chamber which fills with the flax oil, this helps you measure how much you need.

Penny is classed as a medium breed, so her dose is 5ml – 7.5mls of oil per day. I drizzled the oil over her complete dried food, and she wolfed it down, licked the bowl clean and asked me for more. So it obviously tastes pretty good too.

We’ve been adding flax oil to Penny’s meals for a week or so now. Her coat is definitely looking in better condition, and she’s loving the meals with the oil in. She’s a pretty picky eater, so knowing she actually enjoys this, means her meals with flax oil are a real treat for her.

Review: Actif Pets Flax Oil for Dogs

Having owned and loved several dogs who have suffered with arthritis; I know starting active dogs on good supplements can help them stay in good condition for longer. As a dog owner, it’s up to me to do the best I can for her. I can’t make her take supplements she’s not happy to gobble down of her own volition, and she really is very keen to gobble this down. Good dog!

Disclosure: We were sent a 500ml bottle of Actif Pets Flax Oil for Dogs for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.