Giz a Job

copywritingThose of you who know me personally will know that this week I handed my notice in on my old job. I’d not enjoyed it for a long time, it was a huge source of anxiety for me and I’ve been off sick for nearly a year having operations and such like.

Being off for such along time forced me to re-evaluate my life. Some changes have been tough for me, some have been tough for my husband, but changes needed to be made, I just needed to grow a pair and get on with it. Hence the resignation.

What am I going to do? Well for a start I’m returning to my first love which is writing. I trained as a journalist 300 years ago, briefly worked as a journo, then taught creative writing for a long time. Lost my mojo and gave up on my dreams.

I’ve got my mojo back now, so I’m going to try and build up some work as a copywriter and blogger. I also run some social media accounts for local businesses and have done for a while now, so that too.

I have a very tiny amount of work at the moment because until my notice period is up (4th December) I can’t really chase work, but please think of me if you need a copywriter, someone to throw some words onto a page; manage a Twitter account; write and manage your email campaigns or just to blog about something fabulous. I’m your girl!

Please contact me for a chin wag about copywriting, go on you know you want to!