Seasonal Scents from Febreze

Having grown up in the 1980’s I have a slight phobia of air fresheners; back then they came in a huge aerosol and were available only in cloying fragrances like “pine forest”, which just smelt like toilet cleaner. When your mum liberally sprayed the house before visitors came, it was like she’d washed the walls with cheap toilet cleaner; so determined to be different, my method of freshening up the house was always to light a scented candle and open a window.

That was all very well and good until we started a family; whilst I’ll complain about the odours the small boy produces, I wouldn’t like to inflict them on other people. Since day one of being parents, we’ve always had some Febreze on hand to spritz the house with if visitors were expected. We were really pleased when Febreze got in touch and asked if we fancied having a sniff of their Winter Collection. Then they sent this…


The hamper contained –
Febreze Air Effects Apple & Spice Air Freshener
Febreze Apple & Spice Scented Candle
Febreze Apple & Spice Set & Refresh Scented oil diffuser
A tub of Whittard of Chelsea Mulled Wine flavour instant tea
A colour in stocking and fabric pens

It was a mightily impressive hamper! I was impressed with the range as it’s versatile enough for my house. The scented oil diffuser is ideal for my downstairs loo which is located right next to the front door. I won’t go into detail, but I live with two boys who don’t always focus enough on the task in hand!

The scented candle is a winner for me, during the run up to Christmas I especially like lighting a scented candle in the evening, because I like the house to smell a bit more Christmassy and if you get cinnamon scented ones it smells like all the baking you’ve not got round to doing yet. Happily the Apple & Spice does contain wafts of those Christmas cooking spices, more of which later. The candle itself is attractive and wouldn’t look out of place as part of a display.

The Air Freshener isn’t at all like those 1980’s monstrosities. You don’t need to spray much, because unlike my mums “pine forest” it eliminates odours, it doesn’t mask them. This is just right for giving the place a quick spritz (take note mother) before visitors arrive.

The apple and spice fragrance itself is very pleasant, it contains a Christmassy blend of cinnamon, cloves, apples, berries and vanilla bean. The vanilla bean is very faint, which is a good thing, vanilla is a lovely scent but used in excess it can be quite sickly. The apple and spice blend is uplifting and comforting, the perfect kind of fragrance for this time of year.

The Febreze apple and spice range in their winter collection is lovely and they’re something I would fragrance the house with from autumn up until Christmas. I’m particularly impressed with the candles, so I’ll be getting a few more of those in to light in the run up to the big day. I’m looking forward to colouring in the stocking with the small boy on Christmas Eve too. Thank you for my Christmas hamper Febreze, Merry Christmas!

Note: We were sent the hamper free of charge, I was under no obligation to review or write it up. All images and opinions are my own.