First Christmas fashions for fabulous newborns

I generally can’t stand shopping. Christmas shopping makes me twitch uncomfortably too. I only ever actually enjoy one particular type of shopping experience and that’s buying for newborn babies. Luckily I’m of that age where I don’t have to wait around very long before a friend kindly obliges and produces a new reason to go an aww at lovely, tiny little baby clothes.

With Christmas coming it’s the perfect opportunity for me to comb the internet for small, adorable things for small, adorable babies. I like to buy well made, classic pieces, but with a contemporary twist, often Nordic or European in style.

When the small boy was a small baby he used to wear a lot of French clothes which were gifts from friends and family who live on the continent. I particularly liked them as they were a little bit different to what his fellow babies were wearing in play group.

These days when I’m buying for new babies, I like to try and buy one or two really good quality statement pieces and with winter currently chilling my bones, I’ve had a look at the Petit Bateau website and found some gorgeous things to buy for the new babies in our acquaintance.

petit bateauI love this Unisex baby snowsuit, it’s padded and fleece-lined so it’s all warm and cosy. It’s a beautiful all in one which will keep baby snuggly warm all through winter. I adore the blue unisex baby cardigan, it’s made from wool and cotton so it’s all natural fibres, it’s such a classic design too and comes in a few different colours, but I am in love with this blue. The blushy pink outdoor coat is adorable too, it’s padded for extra cosiness and it has such beautiful, simple, timeless styling.

There’s something very special about baby’s first Christmas, though I tend to shun all the “first Christmas” gifts and trinkets and go for something practical and fabulous. You can’t go far wrong with a snuggly snowsuit. So these are my winter picks for fabulously fashionable babies.