Mini Hornit – Lights & Sounds for Bikes and Scooters

We were sent the Mini Hornit for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

With the winter nights drawing in I’ve been thinking about how to keep my son safe on his scooter. He wears a helmet as standard, but he really needs a light for it too. Having seen the Mini Hornit on Dragons Den, I thought we’d give this fun light and multi-sound horn a try.

The Mini Hornit is “the ultimate lights and sound effects accessory for children’s bikes and scooters”. It has 25 sounds to choose from and white and green lights, which can flash or stay static depending on your needs. The Mini Hornit comes with 2 AAA batteries already inserted, but these are demo batteries and will likely need replacing after a little while.

Mini Hornit - Lights & Sounds for Bikes and Scooters

Mini Hornit Features

One of the best features (apart from the lights and sounds) is how easy the Mini Hornit can be fixed onto the scooter or bike. It has flexible rubber “wings” which click together around the handlebars. This means that if he decides to go out on his bike instead of his scooter, I can very quickly change it over with zero fiddling about and no muttering under my breath.

The wings are also adjustable, so they can fit onto thicker or thinner handlebars if need be. With the Mini Hornit being so easy to fit, you can also take it off your bike if you’re parked up for a while and don’t want anyone to walk off with it.

The weather proof Mini Hornit comes in a broad range of colours to match your bike or scooter. There is also a remote trigger which plugs into the Hornit and is designed for use with bikes. The idea being you don’t have to let go of the handlebar to operate the Mini Hornit.

Mini Hornit - Lights & Sounds for Bikes and Scooters

The light comes with 5 different modes – both white or green lights have three modes – constant, slow flash and fast flash. The light is bright enough to be used on the dark pavements of Manchester.

The sounds include – bike bell; racing cars; police siren; motorbike; laser; helicopter; fire engine; fart; magic spell; aeroplane; hooter; burp; wolf; rooster; lion; elephant; horse; hornet; magic carpet; bomb drop; reversing truck; train; klaxon and zapper.

My son really liked how different this is. He’s had standard lights and bike bells before, but the Mini Hornit is really fun. The sounds are loud enough to make him known, but not too loud so they startle or annoy people. I like the different light settings too. I’m very pleased with this, it’s very well designed and I can see us buying more of these in the future. I wonder if they do adult ones for my husbands bike?

The Mini Hornit costs around £17.99. For more information about the Mini Hornit, visit their website.

Mini Hornit - Lights & Sounds for Bikes and Scooters