BlogOnX – Who is HodgePodgeDays?

BlogOnX is taking place during the first weekend in May and I’m super excited to be going. I’ve been going to BlogOn for years and it’s always a weekend which inspires me and fires me up. The last one in September lit a fire under me and changed the way I blog and I’m hoping BlogOnX will have a similar positive impact.

Before each BlogOn there is a get to know you linky, so here are my answers, feel free to ask questions and if you’re going, please come and say hello if you spot me!

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Here is my face…


What’s your favourite pizza topping?

I’m picky. I like a thin crust cheese and tomato pizza topped with black olives, fresh rocket and Parmesan shavings.

You can have dinner with any three guests dead or alive, who do you choose and why?

I need a really good laugh, so it would be Les Dawson, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise. And my Dad, because I miss him and he’d love that dinner party! I know that’s four and I’m not even sorry.

Up to now what would you consider being your biggest life achievement?

Being a mum. I never really wanted a family and didn’t think I could get pregnant, but when I did it tipped my world upside down and every day I am delighted to have produced my gorgeous, funny, kind, loving boy.

If you woke up tomorrow as a character from any Disney film or book who would you be and why?

I’ve never been a Disney fan. I’ve never really watched Disney films, so Disney is a mystery to me really. Star Wars is Disney isn’t it? I’ll go with Rey then, because she’s so strong. Though I’ve been told I’m more of a Princess Leia because I’m all about the snark.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Take pain killers and hug my son.

If you won the lottery what would be the very first thing you would buy and why?

A holiday. A holiday somewhere really nice. Somewhere warm but not too hot. Somewhere private but not isolated.

What is your favourite quote from a movie?

Less of a quote, more of a whole scene, but it’s beautiful.

If you were a superhero what would your super power be?

Invisibility. I just think it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and see what people are really like and what they are saying and doing behind closed doors.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Trust your own instincts and follow your gut. It applies to almost every aspect of my life equally well, from being a parent, or a blogger, or one of the million other roles I have in life.

Which emoji do you use the most?

This one.

heart eyes emoji blogonx

I guess I must look at a lot of pretty things on Twitter.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself anything what would it be?

You’ll be a great mum, you can get pregnant, maybe start earlier and have more than one.

Also, eat fewer biscuits.

What do you currently have set as the wallpaper on your phone?

It’s an old picture of my son sat in a pub watching TV taken when were on holiday three years ago. It just makes me smile.

If you could do anything in the world as a legitimate job what would you do?

Spy. I’d be an International Woman of Mystery. I don’t want a real job, I like the one I’ve got.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Boringly I’m going to say Manchester. I was born and raised here. It’s the best place on earth, I can’t imagine being anywhere else for more than a fortnight.

That’s it! Any questions at the back?

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