Review: Testing a BBQ Burger Maker – The Results

I’m a veggie but the boys eat meat. Where possible I like to know where our meat comes from; make sure it’s been treated right and it’s good quality. We like to cook from scratch, and whilst it’s easy to buy ready made burgers for the barbeque, it’s also pretty darn easy to make them yourself. We were sent a burger maker to try out, but did it make great burgers?

We like to buy good quality steak mince from our local butcher; season it with salt and pepper, shape them into patties and barbecue or grill to perfection. The only part of this process which tends to fall down is my pattie shaping. I often end up with quite lumpy burgers, which then cook unevenly, which isn’t ideal.

I was sent this Kleeneze Burger Maker and Store to try. It’s a simple piece of kit, you just make up your burger mixture, pop it in the maker and press. It squashes and shapes it into a uniform burger shape and size ready for cooking. It’s really simple to use and easy to clean.

Burger maker

It comes with a plastic tube which you can stack your burgers in to keep them fresh ready for your barbecue. The burger marker is ideal to use to bulk make burgers. You can then freeze them in batches for use at a later date.

The Kleeneze burger maker costs only £6.99 and is worth getting if you like cooking and preparing food from scratch. If like me you’re not very good at hand shaping a burger, then this burger making kit is really useful.

I would add that it’s not just for making meat burgers. I’ve made veggie burgers in this burger maker too and it really helps form a firm veggie burger that won’t easily fall apart when it’s being cooked.

Disclaimer: I was sent a burger maker kit by Kleeneze for review purposes.