Review: Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

AD/Gifted. Over Easter my lovely friend Rachel from The Marvellous Mrs P and her daughter Dottie have been playing with the Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set. It’s a complete set of kitchen appliances with contemporary styling consisting of a fillable coffee maker; kettle with level gauge indicator, toaster with ‘pop-up’ toast and an extensive range of colourful crockery, cutlery and even play food. Here’s what Rachel and Dottie thought of it…

Of all the things that children learn through pretend play, surely the art of making a cuppa is the most important? I’ll never forget the first real cup of tea Beth made. She was so proud as she carried this milky, lukewarm offering towards me. Two hands – careful Mummy it’s hot.

Review: Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

Beth’s brew making skills have improved massively since then, but now we have a new apprentice. Dorothy is a little (feeder) hostess in the making.

She’s had a great time playing with this realistic looking Morphy Richards set from Casdon. The set comprises a kettle, toaster and coffee maker in her favourite colour, complete with plates, cups and even breakfast food. The pieces are nicely made and sturdy, which they have to be to withstand our little tearaway!

We pushed down the lever on the toaster, watched patiently as our bread ‘cooked’ and Dottie was thrilled when the toast popped up. She wanted to do it again and again, trying to catch the toast in the air.

Review: Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

In fact the only thing that distracted her from the toaster was the kettle, because – hold on tight – I had filled it with water!

I can’t tell you how excited Dottie was when she realised there was real water in her kettle but what came next was even better. We poured it into the top of the coffee maker and watched it slowly ‘percolate’ into the coffee pot below. This meant that Mummy could have her nice cup of tea with ‘alund milk’ (almond milk) and Daddy his coffee with ‘moo milk’ (cow’s milk) and we could both tuck in to a well deserved fry up.

All in, this is a great set for children aged from as young as two year upwards. Because children enjoy pretend play for a long time, especially when water is involved. The pieces are nicely made and very realistic; you could use them to create a play kitchen or a cafe. All three of the main toys have working elements so that groups of friends can play together without squabbling over one toy!

Dorothy really enjoying making drinks, laying a table and practicing saying please, thank you and you’re welcome. All important skills to learn!

Review: Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

The Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set has an RRP of £17 but is currently available on Amazon for £12.99. 

Disclaimer: Rachel received the Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set for review purposes. I have not been compensated for this post.