Having a handmade Christmas – Christmas Ink Stamps

The keen-eyed amongst you will have noted that this year I’ve decided to make my own Christmas cards. It’s something I’m doing because it’s a bit nicer to get a handmade card, it’ll save us a few pennies and it’s just a nice calming thing to do of an evening.

To give my cards the final finishing touch I have had a couple of ink stamps made up by Stamptastic. The first stamp is for cards and other handmade gifts and says “Lovingly handmade by the Arschavir Family”, and the other, which is for gift tags and such like says “To…Merry Christmas love from The Arschavir Family”.

Each stamp costs £15, which if you make a lot of handmade cards and gifts will be well worth it. The stamps themselves have lovely crisp detailing and are nice and chunky to hold and stamp with. 

I am planning to buy some brown parcel labels and stamp those with the gift tag stamp, I always find gift tags a bit faffy but essential and I think the stamp will give a good finish to a nicely wrapped gift.

The ink pads come in a range of colours and cost just £3.50, and will last a long time, only needing a little spritz with water if they start to dry out a little.

Christmas Ink Stamps

The stamps came from Stamptastic who have an online shop with everything you need for your personalised ink stamps, the designs are crisp, attractive and interesting. They have quite a few different Christmas designs to choose from, so if you enjoy crafting, or want to save yourself the hassle of writing out gift tags, or need an attractive address stamp or similar, have a look at what Stamptastic have to offer.

I’m really pleased with my ink stamps and I think they give my Christmas cards and gifts the final flourish they deserve.

Note: I was given the stamps and ink pads free of charge for review purposes. All images and opinions are my own.