New Shoes

I don’t actually like shopping. All that walking around looking at things and trying to decide if you need them in your life or not. It’s just not for me. I tend to do most of my shopping online these days, but there are some things you can’t get away with buying online. I’m talking about shoes.

My pesky little monkey keeps growing and I’ve heard rumour that he won’t stop for another 13 or 14 years. Every so often he has a massive growth spurt and overnight seems to be wearing clothes at least two sizes too small for him. His feet too. We get him measured regularly and despite this overnight he goes from sprinting round the place like Mo Farrah in a soft play centre, to hobbling about and crying because his shoes don’t fit. It is at best exasperating.

On Saturday we went on a shoe buying mission. The brief: to buy shoes and wellies since he’d grown out of them, again. Being shopping haters we left home at the crack of dawn (about ten past nine) to avoid most of the shoppers, the plan to be in and out before most people had finished their breakfast.


As ever the plan worked and we sped into Clarks. We sped around Clarks, got him measured and picked up what we needed. In this case a rather fetching pair of blue wellies, ready for our English “summer” holiday later this year and a pair of Dino-tastic shoes for general use with a dinosaur hologram on the side. He was happy. We were happy and what’s more, we were home in time for Saturday Kitchen.