Review: Trying Co-operative Disposable Nappies

At the age of 4 my son has (thankfully) been potty trained for just over a year now. He’s dry during the day, but, although we’ve tried a few times to get him out of them, he still needs to wear nappies at night. Every child moves at a different pace, so we’re not overly concerned, he’ll get it when he’s ready. We were sent some Co-op nappies and baby wipes to try out and to see how they coped with the bigger bottom of a pre-schooler.

We were sent size 5+ which is what he normally has, they’re for children weighing 13-27kg which seems about right. We usually use Pampers and have tried nappies from most of the supermarkets over the years, so we feel we’re pretty acquainted with what’s out there. There are 20 nappies in the pack (the size we were sent) and these cost £4, or 20p each per nappy.

co-op nappies

They are of standard nappy design with stretchy sides and those sticky fasteners and stretchy leg cuffs. There wasn’t much to distinguish it in looks from the big brands, it doesn’t have a cartoony picture on it, but I never really saw much of a point to that anyway. They have a slight purple tint which is due to the plastic and I think it makes them quite attractive. They are ultra absorbent and are not bulky, they seem like an active fit style nappy, but more absorbent.

My very vocal and quick to complain about almost anything 4 year old, didn’t utter a word about them during the week or so that he’s worn them for bed each night. With other nappy brands we have experienced significant, almost nightly leaks, especially now he’s bigger, and we’ve had to strip both him and his bed. We tested the Co-op nappies thoroughly and surprisingly we didn’t have any leaks. We were very impressed by this, they obviously have a large capacity, though they’re not bulky and don’t look big under his pjs.

We liked the Co-op nappies a lot, we’re a bit sad we’d not tried them sooner, they’re very absorbent and appear to be comfortable and they’re pretty easy on the pocket too.

Next up were the baby wipes. All parents know these aren’t just for bottoms, but for a vast array of baby related spillages and unmentionable things that need wiping up; as well as cleaning virtually everything in the house and a quick make-up removing wipe. I have very sensitive skin so I always test wipes out on me first, if it brings my face out in a rash then there’s no way I’m using it on the tender parts of my child. I won’t use the leading brand for that reason. I tried the Co-op ultra soft (and fragrance free) baby wipes and they were good. Very gentle on my skin, not drying and quite cleansing. I’m happy to use these for all spillages and unmentionables now.

co-op nappies

You can find out more about the Co-op baby range on their website

Note: I was sent Co-op nappies and baby wipes free of charge for review purposes. All images and opinions are my own.