Health: Managing Constipation in Children

Constipation in children is very common, at some point between 5-30% of children will suffer from constipation at least once. As an adult, constipation isn’t much fun, but for children who perhaps can’t articulate how they’re feeling or what they need, it can be uncomfortable and upsetting.

Most babies and young children will have at least one bowel movement each day, for some children this may be a struggle and some will go as little as once a week. Anything less than three a week is generally considered to be constipation.

I know from my own son how distressing managing constipation in children can be. There are a number of potential causes of constipation. We have taken him to the GP several times to be checked out, and the GP has suggested some changes to his diet, including drinking more water. One problem he does have is holding it in, which only makes things worse.

As well as changes to his diet, the GP has recommended we use a gentle laxative formulated to help manage constipation in children. There is a new product available to treat childhood constipation, Docusol Paediatric Solution. Ducosol is for the effective and gentle relief of constipation in children and babies over six months.

Docusol is a strawberry flavoured liquid which helps to make stools softer and easier to pass by increasing absorption of water and fats. It also acts as a gentle stimulant to get things moving. Docusol Paediatric Solution is available in 125ml bottles, retailing at £7.99 from pharmacies.constipation in children

Visit the Docusol website for more information and advice on constipation in children.

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