Christmas Cards from Made with Love

I hold my hands up. I’m one of those people who sits down for a couple of evenings in mid-November and writes all her Christmas cards. I like sending cards and putting little personal notes in for the friends and family I’ve not seen in a while. I like that it’s a little gesture that says that we’ve thought about someone. Often the boys go out hand delivering cards to friends and neighbours, they love doing this as they tend to get invited in for cups of tea and pieces of cake.

The sending of cards is a tradition I will continue to firmly uphold. Though it can be a fairly costly business, buying stamps these days is really quite expensive, especially if like us you post around 50 cards each Christmas. I’m also a bit picky about my Christmas cards, I really hate flimsy cheap Christmas cards, buying budget doesn’t need to mean bad, really bad quality. Anyway, I appear to have digressed.

I’ve recently been sent a small selection of cards from the Made with Love Christmas card range to have a look at and review. They sent me the Christmas Star card (£3.50) and the Tartan Reindeer card (£4.50). They are really good quality cards, made from recycled material, well printed and produced in the UK.

made with love

You can easily arrange for them to be printed with a personalised message for example “with love from the Smith family” too. All cards from Made with Love are available in multi-packs.

These Christmas cards are for me a little expensive to send  in great numbers, but I tend to buy nicer, special cards for family and friends who don’t fall into the uncle and aunt categories, so I’d send these slightly more expensive, considerably more special cards to them, especially if I’d personalised them from our family.

I like the modern designs from Made with Love, they’re nicely different, they’ve got a lovely concept and I particularly like that they are a UK product. Well worth checking out if you want something different and a bit special.

Note: I was sent four cards free of charge for review purposes, all opinions and images are my own.