Review: Nanogen Hair Care Products for Fine Hair

As a child I had glorious thick, long, beautiful glossy hair. It was my crowning glory; but as a teen I cut it all off and through puberty, medication and illness it’s gradually become finer; something a lot of women struggle with.

Various hairdressers have suggested solutions, most of them expensive; but as with most things I just make the best of it. In this case by rocking my now signature pixie cut and using a range of products, shampoos and styling products designed to boost the volume of my hair.

A couple of months ago I was sent some products from Nanogen to try out. I was sent the thickening treatment shampoo, thickening treatment conditioner, hair growth treatment serum and the root boost thickening spray.

Nanogen have created a range of products for men and for women to boost the look of your hair and to encourage the growth of new hair. Their products are available online and through a range of retailers including Boots.


I’ve been using the products for around two months now, how have I got on with them? The shampoo is a lovely light shampoo which I have used every day. It leaves my hair clean, appearing thicker and healthier. The effect was an almost instant volume boost. Over time and use I have found myself happier with the general appearance of my hair.

I have used the conditioner less often. My hair type tends towards greasy so I only condition a couple of times a week. If you have longer hair which is dry or out of condition then this would be a really useful addition to your hair care routine.

The growth treatment serum is an oil which your drip onto your scalp and rub in. Because it is an oil I tended to use it before bed and leave it overnight to work its magic before I washed my hair in the morning. It’s very simple to use, the trick is to remember to actually use it.

I’m terrible at having a bedtime routine, so I only managed to use this product two or three times a week. I didn’t notice a significant difference but after washing the next morning my hair always seemed to look in better condition than usual. I need to pull my finger out and use this product every night if I’m to have any hope of it making a difference.

The real star product as far as I was concerned was the root boost thickening spray. I sprayed three or four pumps onto my damp hair, worked the product through and blow dried my hair. It gave really great volume, it wasn’t thick or sticky and my hair always looked good when I’d used it. I loved this product.

I have been much happier in general with my hair since I’ve been using the Nanogen products. They are not ruinously expensive, the shampoo is £7.95 for a 240ml bottle and it will last me ages; I only need a dab each time on my short hair.


I’ve used a number of these kind of products and I found these to be really gentle on my scalp. They are easy to use and I’ve discovered some products (the shampoo and the root boost spray) which I really rate and will absolutely buy again.

It’s not a snake oil cure, it’s unlikely to work miracles, but it has made a difference to the look and condition of my hair. It’s given me a helping hand towards being happier with my hair and for me that’s a pretty big deal.

Find out more about Nanogen on their website. Nanogen products are also available online and in Boots stores nationwide.

Disclosure: I was sent these products for review purposes, all images and opinions are my own.