Review: Cinematic Lightbox from Home Treats UK

Are you even a blogger if you don’t have a lightbox? If you’re on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can’t have failed to see beautiful photographs featuring a cinematic lightbox. They have been incredibly popular for a few years now and that popularity shows no sign of waning. Lightboxes used to be quite expensive, but they’ve come down in price quite a lot and now you can pick them up for under £15.

I was sent a lightbox to review from Home Treats UK. Home Treats UK are a luxury homeware company that sell a range of furniture as well as fun, novelty bits and pieces as well.

Review: Cinematic Lightbox from Home Treats UK

The A4 sized cinematic lightbox comes with 120 black letters, numbers & symbols included and is housed in a black plastic case. The box has mounting holes if you want to hang it on the wall, I think most people like them to be free-standing, so they can move them about and put them in different places and situations to photograph or dress a room.

The lightbox is battery operated and uses six AA batteries to power the white LEDs inside the box. The boxes are easy to personalise and you can change your message as often as you want. Use them for special occasions or for displaying a quote, or leave a love note for your partner. Sometimes it’s just nice to see your name in lights!

The cinematic lightbox from Home Treats UK costs just £11.79 which is an excellent price. I’m impressed with the amount of letters, numbers and symbols which come with it too, enough to play about with. I like that it comes with an apostrophe and other punctuation marks, as well as stars, hearts and balloon symbols.

If you’re looking for a lightbox to spruce up your home, or make your Instagram feed more interesting, then the Home Treats UK lightbox could tick all of those boxes.

Review: Cinematic Lightbox from Home Treats UK.

In the Frame Again – funky photo frames

I love Instagram. I can’t leave the house without my camera phone. I can’t go out for a meal without taking a picture of it. Every move my son has made from the moment he was born has been papped, snapped, uploaded and viewed a hundred times online. The problem with this is there are no photo albums to flick through of an evening, scroll through yes, but it’s not quite the same.

Over the summer I took a picture of my son that I loved so much I immediately made it my lock screen on my iPad (that’s the modern day family photo on your office desk that is). I adore the photo and gaze at it for a few minutes each day. I figured it was high time I got it framed and up on the wall for everyone else to gaze at too. That’s where Frame Again came in.

You might have heard of Frame Again, they were on Dragons Den earlier this year, got an offer from Peter Jones, turned him down and then crowd-sourced the funding they needed to develop their business, anyway, I digress. Frame Again is a really cute, innovative photo frame product. You can link to your Instagram page, or upload pictures directly from your mobile phone onto their website. If you’ve got a picture in mind for framing it literally takes only a couple of minutes to order your framed photo.

I was incredibly impressed with their really simple to use website. I just uploaded the image I wanted from Instagram and then chose my frame to go with it. Because the picture has a black background I went for a black and pink frame. The frames have magnets in them so you can build your collection and they will stick together, perhaps on a windowsill or mantelpiece. They have a small hole in the back if you want to hang them on the wall too.

Now, below is a picture of our photo in its frame, they are terrible pictures of a great product, I hold my hands up and hang my head in shame. It was the hardest thing to take a decent picture of.

Frame Again

The frames are 7×7 inches and are made of plastic, they are currently sold for £9.99 per frame which includes the printing and framing of your photo. There are a large number of colour combinations to choose from to compliment and enhance your image. I also understand that they do international delivery, making them great presents to send to friends and family abroad.

My frame arrived in super-quick time and was stylishly packaged, so it felt like I was opening a little treat. I was really impressed with the quality of the photograph and the frame itself. I immediately stood it on the windowsill in my bedroom, where it stayed for a few days until I hung it from a spare nail in our dining room; it will probably move again, it’s such a lovely object to have, I’m thinking of getting a few more framed up to go with it for my bedroom.

It’s a funky looking frame and I think the price is spot on, I’m really impressed by it and a little bit in love with it too, I can see why the Dragons were so keen on it. If it’s good enough for Peter Jones, then it’s good enough for me.

Note: Frame Again sent me this frame free of charge for review purposes. All images (yes, sorry about that again) and opinions are my own.