I’ve been thinking… what’s on my Bucket List?

I’ve never really thought much about making a bucket list of things to do before I die. I’ve always been focused on the present. Putting food on the table, making sure my family are okay, going to work, rushing around. There never seemed to be the time to get dreams together. I suppose it’s good to dream or to have a future focus beyond next week or next month.

Lot’s of people put together a bucket list. Usually places to visit and experiences they want to have before their time on this earth is up. I’ve always had a little list in my head, but never done anything to make them happen. Maybe I’ve always felt that time was on my side. It probably isn’t on my side, which probably means it’s time to sort myself out and start making things happen.

After much contemplation this is my bucket list…

  1. See my son grow up strong, happy and confident
  2. To see the Northern Lights
  3. To return to Gothenburg, Sweden and enjoy the city where we honeymooned
  4. Get a tattoo
  5. To see The Wonder Stuff live
  6. To get half decent at photography. I really enjoy it.
  7. Be a passenger in an Aston Martin DB9 going flat out round the Nurburgring
  8. Have a go at some wild swimming
  9. To go for (another) meal at River Cottage HQ. Yum.
  10. Spend at least a year living in North Devon

my bucket list

I don’t think my bucket list is too outrageous. I don’t think most of those things are impossible dreams. Maybe I’ll need to find slightly tamer versions of the things I want to do, or maybe my fairy godmother will come to my aid, wave her wand and make my dreams come true.

So that’s my bucket list. I wonder how many I’ll manage before I do eventually kick the bucket.