Five Gorgeous Unicorn Gifts for under £10

If 2017 could be defined by a mythical creature, it would be the unicorn. This noble beast is so popular this year that I know Father Christmas will be stuffing his stockings with these magical horned horses. Everyone is into unicorns right? Right. So whether you’re buying for a small unicorn loving child, or the unicorn-crazy woman you got in the office Secret Santa, I’ve picked out five gorgeous unicorn gifts for under a tenner. You can’t say fairer than that!

Five Gorgeous Unicorn Gifts for under £10Unicorn Gifts – One

This unicorn badge set (£7.50) contains not one, not two but three stylish unicorn badges. These are made with embroidery thread, stitched in bright colours and come with a gold badge pin. Pin them to your bag, coat or jumper, however you wear them you’ll make a real splash!

Unicorn Gifts – Two

For the girl (or boy) who thinks they have everything, it turns out they don’t. What they really need is a unicorn tape dispenser (£10) which comes complete with a roll of rainbow sticky tape. We’ve reached peak unicorn and I’m happy here.

Unicorn Gifts – Three

If a unicorn tape dispenser isn’t enough (what is wrong with you?), then the matching unicorn rainbow pencil set (£10) must surely hit the spot. Together these make up the unicorn stationery dream team. Don’t they? They must, surely.

Unicorn Gifts – Four

If you’re getting ready for a night out and you’re not wearing unicorn nail varnish (£7) are you even ready? This unicorn nail polish is full of rainbow sparkles confetti and promises give your nails the unicorn magic they need. All nails need unicorn magic don’t they?

Unicorn Gifts – Five

Lastly, if you’re taking notes in a meeting and you need people to respect you for the unicorn lover that you are, then you need this unicorn pencil and topper (£3.95). This cute white unicorn pencil topper complete with golden horn, fluffy pink tail and mane. Using this will ensure your work stands out while you scribble, sketch and scribe.


Please note these unicorn gifts are also suitable for children, but do you really want to share them?