Five things that make mornings easier

Now the small boy is at big school, mornings are a bit of a kerfuffle. Husband drops him off at school on his way to work which is a massive help, but mornings often feel like a Generation Game style challenge. There are a few things which make the rush in the morning easier to cope with.

Here are our five morning wins…

1. The small boy wakes up well rested and in a good mood. This makes everything exponentially easier. He’ll do almost everything you ask with hardly any fuss if he’s fully topped up with sleep.
2. Opening the wardrobe and finding that what I want to wear is clean and hanging up, not crumpled up on the “that’ll do another day” chair, or worse, festering in the laundry basket.
3. Someone in the household has had the presence of mind to put a pot of coffee on. The smell alone is enough to gladden the heart.
4. The small boy eats something for breakfast. He’s gone off virtually everything bar scotch pancakes and Belvita biscuits. And he eats them so slowly. Eat your breakfast or we’ll all be late!
5. We get a kiss, cuddle, or a backwards glance as he runs to his friends in the playground. Goodbye son, have a good day…oh.

Morning win

Belvita biscuits are a bit of a godsend to be honest. When the small boy refuses to sit and eat breakfast, we can’t force him so we often nibble a little packet on the way to school, or they go in my bag for when we get peckish later in the day. I think of them as a healthier biscuit, like a treat but filling us up and giving us that slow release energy that kids (and their parents, let’s face it) need.

What are your morning wins?

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