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Review: Petit Ferdinand Customised Labels

Since my son started school four years ago, I’ve lost count of the number of hours I’ve lost rummaging through the school lost property box. One week he managed to lose three jumpers! The school are generally pretty good; as long as things are clearly labelled, they usually end up finding their way back home.

Four years ago I invested in some sew on labels. This was a big mistake, having to sit and sew on labels on all his polo shirts, jumpers, trousers, PE kit and coats took far longer than I anticipated; but I soon discovered iron on labels and better still, stick on labels. These are complete game changers and save hours and hours of my time every year.

Review: Petit Ferdinand Customised Labels

My latest batch of name labels have come from Petit Ferdinand and I opted for the £30 value pack which includes; 20 stick-on clothing name labels, 20 iron-on clothing name labels, 40 stick-on item name labels, 10 stick-on shoe labels, 30 stick-on item name labels and 20 stick-on item name labels. That’s 140 name labels in total.

You can customise your labels with different colours, fonts and images; which all help them to stand out in a pile of lost property. The value pack comes in a booklet which keeps them all together. There are simple instructions on how to apply them and make them stick to clothes, shoes or bits of kit like water bottles.

Review: Petit Ferdinand Customised Labels

They’re easy to use and really help my son spot his jumper in a pile of identical school jumpers. This pack from Petit Ferdinand will last us at least two years and I think they’re excellent value.

I’ve moved on from the dark days of those dreadful sew on labels. I absolutely refuse to go back to laboriously sewing them into clothes; stick-on name labels are the future and for £30 for 140 name labels you can’t really go wrong.

Review: Petit Ferdinand Customised Labels

For more information about Petit Ferdinand, or to order some name labels, visit their website.

Disclaimer: I was sent a value pack of Petit Ferdinand name labels for review purposes. All images and opinions are my own.

Easy ways of getting organised with Kids

Getting organised at home isn’t usually an easy task for most people. Add kids and all of their toys into the mix and having a tidy and organised home can feel like an impossible dream. But it doesn’t have to be a daunting chore. Read on for some easy tips on how to gain some order in your life.

Set up a bin system

Collapsible fabric bins are super versatile for children’s bedrooms and are great for getting organised. They come in a variety of sizes and colours and can be mixed and matched to complement your décor. Many of these bins have slots for labels, so kids can sort toys, art supplies, hair products, and even books into organised groups. For kids that share a bedroom, personalised name labels can be put into the slots to keep things separate. Inexpensive plastic or wooden shelving is perfect for displaying the colourful bins and keeping items handy.

Easy ways of getting organised with Kids

Utilise plastic totes

Plastic totes are lifesavers when it comes to long-term storage. When swapping your kids’ winter and summer wardrobes, put the out-of-season items in a tote and store in a closet or other out-of-the-way space. These are also perfect for storing keepsake items that are special but no longer in use. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic totes keep bugs, rodents, and water from ruining your things.

Invest in vacuum storage bags

I use the term “invest” here because with plastic vacuum storage bags, you get what you pay for. Skip the bargain off-brand bags and spend a little more for higher quality. These bags are perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets that take up precious closet space until your kids have slumber parties. Place the items inside, seal the bag, vacuum the air out, and voila! That mountain of bedding just became a compact rectangle that can be hidden away under a bed or shoved behind a dresser.

Put baskets EVERYWHERE

Being a parent means laundry, and lots of it. Each additional child increases your wash load exponentially, and it can be extremely frustrating to wash, dry, and fold all of the laundry just to find a stray pair of jeans or a soccer uniform that didn’t make its way into the laundry basket. To combat this, make sure laundry baskets are SUPER accessible to everyone in the house. Placing one in each bedroom, one in the bathroom (or two if you wash towels separately like I do), and one in the laundry room greatly improves your chances of getting everything washed at one time.

Having kids means that your house will never be perfectly tidy. And that’s okay! The happiest homes tend to be the ones that are comfortably lived in. But having some basic organisational systems in place reduces the amount of time spent looking for things and gives everyone more time to spend together doing things much more fun than cleaning the house. After all, they’re only kids once.

= This is a collaborative guest post =

Back to School: My Nametags labels

The small boy starts big school in September. Ok, so technically he’s just in nursery there, but they still need a uniform, so we’re busy buying jumpers, book bags, school shoes, polo shirts, baggy big boy trousers, and all the other bits he’ll need. One of the things I’m insisting upon is that all his uniform is labelled. He is bound to lose his jumper in a pile of other identical jumpers, and life is too short to be sewing on labels, I found the My Nametags website and they seemed like just what we needed.

The My Nametags website let’s you design your own colourful labels, so they stand out when you’re rifling though the lost property box. It’s really easy to do. Type in the name you want, choose the font and colour of your text, select an image (we went for a star, but they had all kinds of things to choose from) and select a background for your label. We liked the blue bubble background, but there are so many to choose from, and they’re really funky looking.

We went for the stickers which you just stick on clothing or items of equipment such as water bottles and pencil cases. If you wait 24 hours before washing your item the sticker will have had time to fully adhere itself to the clothing and should remain there forevermore.

Back to school: My Nametags labels

I don’t think anything could be simpler. There is no sewing, no ironing, it’s just sticking a label on. It took me about 5 minutes to design and order the label, they arrived within a few days and it took about 10 minutes to label up his entire uniform. One set of My Nametags costs £11.95 plus £1 postage and packing, which seems like a good price to me, especially given how quick and easy they are to apply.

They’re fun, eye-catching, easy to use and seem to be good quality. I’d definitely recommend My Nametags and we’ll be going back for more once we’ve used these 56 labels up.

Note: We were sent these My Nametags labels for review purposes. All images and opinions are my own.