Review: Stylfile Nipper Clipper

Just after Christmas we were hit by chicken pox. It was about as fun as a dose of, erm, chicken pox. We did the decent thing and stocked up on calpol and calamine lotion and prepared to ride the storm. The itching soon started, so we cut his nails before he could really start scarring himself.

Stylfile Nipper ClipperSince he was born we’ve been trimming his nails with some baby scissors, it was a pretty nerve-racking experience all round, they weren’t really sharp enough to accidentally remove a finger, but you never knew. Luckily just before Christmas we’d received a “Stylfile Nipper Clipper” to review. It seemed like a really good time to crack it open and give it a go.

The “Nipper Clipper” is a baby nail clipper with a safety spy-hole (so you can see if you’re clipping nail or finger), the clipper also comes with a special nail file which smooths ragged edges. The clipper was easy to use, nice to handle and did the job. His nails were short again, and after a quick file were smooth enough not to do damage to his chicken pox.

They are different to your standard nail clippers, these are very safety-focused with the spy-hole. The handle is large and easy to grip when potentially wrestling with a wriggly baby and there is a free to download “distraction app” to, erm, distract the baby.

So would I recommend the Stylfile Nipper Clipper? Yes, absolutely. I’ll be buying one for my pregnant pal and using ours from now on. I wish I’d’ve known about this before as it would’ve saved lots of tears, tantrums and wrestling, not to mention any number of heart-in-the-mouth baby mani/pedi sessions.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Stylfile Nipper Clipper free of charge for review purposes. To be fair, had I known about it earlier we would’ve been using it from birth!