Why I like getting away for a winter break

I don’t know about you but I seem to spend the months of November to January running around like a mad thing; struggling to keep up with myself and all the festive preparations and chaos. We try to make a point of booking at least a weekend away just to escape and relax for a few days. I quite often leave it till the last minute to properly book; but we’ll have a few winter break options on the table and then decide depending on the weather and what we really fancy doing.

We love the coast during the winter; watching the stormy waves lash against the rocks. To be honest, we’ve often been really lucky with the weather and picked up some winter sunshine. I quite like the idea of a coastal jaunt this year; a bit of rosy-cheeked fresh air would do us the world of good.

If we can get ourselves organised, a few of the girls and I like grab a bit of time away and indulge in a spot of Christmas shopping. In previous years we’ve gone to a Christmas market somewhere and had a great time. Sometimes we’ll grab a city break and hit their high street for a change.

Why I like getting away for a winter break

Last year a small group of us had a spa weekend at the end of November. It was bliss. Two days of pampering and relaxation away from everything. A little wind down before the chaos of the festive period kicked in. I loved it and it meant that when December started, I was ready for almost anything. Planning a little getaway a couple of times a year is pretty much what keeps me sane.

I’ve got a few nice things lined up for next year. Nothing wildly expensive, but just nice things that will give me something to look forward to during the long winter months.

Where would you go for a winter break?