What’s the 30 Day Movie Challenge all about?

Last Updated on March 31, 2017 by HodgePodgeDays

Last month I took part in the 30 Day Music Challenge on Twitter. Each day using a set of prompts I tweeted a link to a piece of music which fit the bill. It was an interesting and enjoyable experiment, and it made me think about and revisit some music I’d not listened to in  years. I enjoyed the challenge so much that this April I’m going to be taking part in the 30 Day Movie Challenge. 

Each day I will send a tweet based on the list of prompts below. I think the first one, for me at least will be a particularly hard one. What is my favourite movie? Honestly I don’t know, it depends on my mood on any given day. 

30 Day Movie Challenge

It’s really easy to take part, just tweet along with me each day and use the hashtag #30DayMovieChallenge. If you like you can include a YouTube clip, gif or image from the movie you have chosen on that day, but that’s not essential. Try not to pick the same movie more than once. You might also want to say why you have chosen that movie, but 140 Twitter characters can be a bit restrictive I know.

If you are late to the party, don’t worry, you don’t need to do it at the same time as me; but it is more fun if you’re tweeting along with a little group of you. So find a friend or two and and join in the 30 Day Movie Challenge.

Don’t forget the hashtag #30DayMovieChallenge and feel free to tag me on Twitter, I’d love to see your movie choices. Who knows, it might introduce me to some great films I’ve never heard of!

I’m aiming to do an update post at the end of the month documenting my movie choices, so watch this space.

Good luck with your 30 Day Movie Challenge!

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