Toy Review: HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium

As a teenager I used to love watching Robot Wars. I liked checking out the robots and trying to guess which one would win and which one would just be smoldering bits of metal at the end of the battle. I’m keen to pass on my love of Robot Wars to the next generation. We’ve watched a few episodes of the more recent series of Robot Wars and we’ve been playing with our new HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium; which I reckon is just about as much fun as the real thing.

The HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium is part of a wider collection of HEXBUG Robot Wars toys. It costs £19.99 as it a great starter sized set. It comes with two robots, two sets of armour and a plastic stadium (shaped a bit like a giant fidget spinner). For the money, you get quite a lot of Robot Wars kit to play with.

The HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium is pretty simple to put together. You clip the pieces of the plastic stadium together and slot the legs into place. Likewise the HEXBUGS are good to go, you can put armour and weapons onto them to make them more battle ready.

Toy Review: HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium

The robots – Alter Ego (the blue one) and Warp (the red one) come with a selection of armour and weapons which you just clip on. If you’re not using the armour or weapons in the battle, they have a special holder to keep everything safe. It’s worth using the holder, the small bits of plastic could very easily get mislaid or roll under the sofa or something.

To play Robot Wars, each player switches on their robot (there’s an on/off button underneath each one) and puts it down in one of the corners of the arena. When both players are ready; everyone releases their robot and the first bot to get knocked out of the stadium loses. The winner is the last one in the stadium.

Toy Review: HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium

The HEXBUGS operate by vibration. They don’t have wheels or anything to move them, just little rubber legs which propel them when they are switched on.

As well as Alter Ego and Warp, there are two other HEXBUG robots to collect – Sparkplug and Cold Front. They’re all pretty cool.

HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium is suitable for ages 3+ though their little fingers might struggle with putting the fiddly armour and weapons on. My nearly 8 year old absolutely loved it and has asked for more of the range for his birthday. It’s all good clean fun. It’s simple to set up and use, he can play by himself or get us involved in the action.

The HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium would make a great little Christmas present for someone who wants to play robot wars but you’re not sure if its worth investing in the larger £80 stadium.

Toy Review: HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium

The HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium is widely available from a range of retailers and online. It costs just £19.99 and comes with everything you need to head into battle, Robot Wars style.

We were sent a HEXBUG Robot Wars Clusterbots Stadium for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

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