Review: Bladez Toyz Remote Control Inflatable R2-D2

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We never knew we needed a Remote Control Inflatable R2-D2 until we got one. Bladez Toyz make a whole range of different inflatable characters, but we chose the classic R2-D2. Who doesn’t need a Remote Control Inflatable R2-D2 in their lives?

Review: Bladez Toys Remote Control Inflatable R2-D2

Our inflatable R2-D2 stands at 42cm (16.5 inches) tall and comes with an easy to use handset and real droid sound effects. He does need inflating which you can do by blowing him up with your mouth or a balloon pump. It only take a few minutes to blow him up. He also needs 6 AA batteries.

When you open the box you’ll find an inflatable R2-D2 with a drive unit, a radio remote control unit, a PVC repair patch and some instructions. You’ll need 4 AA batteries in R2-D2 and the other 2 AA batteries go into the remote control unit. You can use his inside or outside, but you probably should keep him indoors.

R2-D2 is really easy to put together and set up. If you’ve got batteries to hand you can probably be up and running in under 10 minutes from opening the box. The 2.4GHz Radio Control allows you to drive forwards and spin and has a range of 30 metres.

Review: Bladez Toys Remote Control Inflatable R2-D2

When R2-D2 moves he plays various sound effects, chattering, beeping and occasionally screaming as he wheels around. The sound effects are what really made this Remote Control Inflatable R2-D2 for me. He’s hilarious and has to be seen to really get how funny he is.

The Remote Control Inflatable R2-D2 from Bladez Toyz is suitable for children aged 3+ (and adults, who if they are like me will find this hilarious). This Remote Control Inflatable R2-D2 costs £24.99

The Bladez Toyz range of Star Wars inflatables is available from a number of retailers including Maplin.

We were sent this Inflatable R2-D2 for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

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