Toy Review: So BOMB DIY Bath Bomb Factory

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AD/Gifted. The school holidays can take some filling. In the last few days of freedom before school started again I was running on empty and fast running out of ideas. With an afternoon free and two boys to entertain, I pulled out this So BOMB DIY Bath Bomb Factory; sold it to them as a science experiment and accidentally turned two boys into bath bomb entrepreneurs.

Toy Review: So BOMB DIY Bath Bomb Factory

The So BOMB DIY Bath Bomb Factory costs £19.99 and contains everything you need to make 6 bath bombs. The set includes a mixing station, 3 storage tubes and a moulding shape, a pipette and measuring spoon, 12 bags of powder, 2 bags of decorations, 4 surprise figurines and an instruction leaflet.

Despite initial protests that the set was for girls, once I’d unpacked everything and set it up, the boys got very into mixing the ingredients together. To make the bath bombs, you mix a packet of coloured baking soda and one of citric acid together, add a little bit of water and any sprinkles or surprise figures, press it together and leave it to dry out for half an hour in the mould. It’s really easy and really fun to do.

Toy Review: So BOMB DIY Bath Bomb Factory

The boys were as interested in the raw ingredients as they were the final product. I let them have a little taste of the citric acid, it’s pretty much what sherbet is made of, just without the sugar. They learned that citric acid is a key ingredient in all kinds of fizzy sweets. Mixed with the coloured baking soda you get a super-fizzy bath bomb. We did proper science and they really did enjoy it.

The instructions were really clear and easy to follow. I think it’s one of the best sets of this kind we’ve tried. The mixing ball was a little bit tricky to open, so it might need a bit of adult supervision. I used a butter knife to ease it open. You also need to make sure the kids aren’t going mad adding water. My son added far too much and it took an age to dry out.

Toy Review: So BOMB DIY Bath Bomb Factory

The resulting bath bombs were brilliant. I don’t think either boy had ever had a bath with a bath bomb before, and both were thrilled with the fizziness of it all. There’s enough in the kit to make 6 scented bath bombs. I suspect you can probably buy the ingredients elsewhere and once you’ve used up all the powder packets included, you can carry on making your own.

The So BOMB DIY Bath Bomb Factory was a brilliant way to spend an afternoon with the boys. They were both interested and enthusiastic about making the bath bombs and I think they learned a few things too. I would absolutely do this with them again.

Toy Review: So BOMB DIY Bath Bomb Factory

The So BOMB DIY Bath Bomb Factory costs £19.99 and is available from a wide range of retailers including Amazon (affiliate link). It’s a great set, everything you need is included and it’s just a brilliant box of bath bomb making fun.

Disclosure: We were set this bath bomb making kit in exchange for this review. All images and opinions are our own.

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  1. Oh wow! The bath bomb looks awesome, much better than expected! Looks like it is a fantastic kit and fab that they boys learned things whilst making the bath bombs! Sim x

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