Engaged to be Engaged? It’s Time To Start Looking For The Perfect Ring!

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Buying an engagement ring can be extremely tricky. When our tastes in jewellery are all so personal, it’s difficult knowing exactly what your partner will like- it’s a decision that has been stressing out men around the globe for generations. When it’s something that will (hopefully!) be on their finger forever, you of course want to get it right. If you’re planning on making this huge purchase in the near future, here are a few pointers to help you on your way.

Set the Budget

Before you do anything else, the first step is to set your budget. Go into a store without this, and you will end up overspending for sure, after all, it’s the salesperson’s job to make as much money as possible! A good rule of thumb is to buy a ring that costs the equivalent to one month’s salary. However this isn’t set in stone. Many couples decide in advance that they’d rather use the money towards the wedding or that a very expensive ring isn’t necessary. It’s all about what suits your personal circumstances. Once you have your budget you can automatically narrow down your selection, and each element of the ring can be adjusted so you can find the perfect one at the right cost.

Choose The Stone

The stone is the main feature of an engagement ring. Diamond is of course the traditional choice, but if cost is a factor or you just want to do things differently, you could go with something else. Just choose something that’s hard wearing as it will last for many years without going dull or cloudy. You could choose a gemstone which has significance to you or your partner, perhaps the birthstone of a family member who isn’t around anymore? Or something else which really means something. Perhaps you and your partner have a birthday in the same month? Maybe one of your grandmothers, mothers or daughters has a gemstone name such as Ruby, Opal, Sapphire, Emerald or Amber? These are all options to consider when choosing the perfect stone.

Engaged to be Engaged? It's Time To Start Looking For The Perfect Ring!

Choose The Size, Shape, and Setting

The size, shape, and setting of the stone will make all the difference. If for example, you’ve gone with a smaller stone due to cost, the right setting can help it to appear much larger If you look at celebrity engagement ring trends, you’ll find that currently, the emerald cut is the most popular, but choose what you think looks the best. Round cut and princess cut (square) are both popular, fail-safe choices.

Choose The Material

Gold is a popular choice, whether it’s white or yellow gold. But rose gold, silver, titanium or any other hard-wearing metal of your choice could be picked. Choose a color that works well with the stone you’ve gone for- for example, rose gold and morganite make a stunning combination. Diamond and gold is a classic choice, or white gold would highlight a brightly colored stone such as ruby or emerald. Have a look online at some different combinations, you might be able to find what you’re after ready made, otherwise look into custom engagement ring options.

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