Review: Awesome Little Green Men “blind boxes”

A couple of weeks ago we were sent some Awesome Little Green Men to try out. I put them to one side, ready to pull out with a flourish when my son had his cousin round to play. I didn’t think they’d be that impressed by them, but I surprised myself by being wrong. The Awesome Little Green Men are indeed awesome and about half of them are green, the rest are blue.

Review: Awesome Little Green Men "blind boxes"

Awesome Little Green Men is a new military collectible that combines blind-boxed soldiers and vehicles with a gameplay experience. You collect the Awesome Little Green Men and play the battle game. The goal is to build the best squad in order to win the game. Awesome Little Green Men is suitable for ages 6+.

Review: Awesome Little Green Men "blind boxes"

There are more than 100 unique military characters to collect in Series 1. With two troops to collect – green and blue. The collection features rare figures and more commonly found characters. The troops are led by General Pain and General Panic are made from colourful plastic. They have great names like Private Insurance, Corporal Kickbutt and Major Attack. I’m also pleased to note that there are some female characters who kick ass just as hard as their male counterparts!

We received a Deluxe Battle Pack (RRP £24.99) and a couple of Blind Boxes (£3.99 each) to play with. The Battle Packs contain everything you need to start your mission (comes with eight soldiers (three in a vehicle), eight dog-tags, a new recruits poster and game guide). Make sure you empty the pack out properly, there are bits and pieces cleverly hidden in the packaging. Each blind box comes with one soldier, one dog-tag, a new recruits poster and game guide.

Review: Awesome Little Green Men "blind boxes"

There is a specific way to play the game – taking turns you march, attack, flick sliders to get hit points, each solider has a numerical value (printed on the bottom on the figure) and each player starts off with the same value of figures in their troop. When the hit points for the character has been reaches, he or she goes to the opposing team. Sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Review: Awesome Little Green Men "blind boxes"

However, when it came to it, the boys just wanted to play things their own way, complete with old school sound effects. They had great fun with them and they were such a success they both gave them the thumbs up. 

The individual blind boxes cost £3.99 which is about average for blind bags/boxes these days. The figures are about 2 inches tall and are well made, they’re fun and although there is a specific game you can play with them, they’re just as much fun if you just battle with your friends.

Review: Awesome Little Green Men "blind boxes"

Awesome Little Green Men are available to buy in Tesco, Smyths, Toys R Us and on Amazon.

To find out more information about Awesome Little Green Men and The Battle
Game, visit They can also be found on PopJam, the username is @LittleGreenMen.

Note: We were sent these Awesome Little Green Men for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own. This post contains an affiliate link.

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