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For years now we’ve been very keen on growing our own fruit and vegetables in our garden. We always have mixed success, sometimes we get gluts of produce and sometimes it fails. Success is usually weather dependant and it’s fair to say we’ve had a real mixed bag of weather these last few years.

In our old house we only really had a patio so everything we grew was in pots. We didn’t feel particularly limited by this and successfully grew tomatoes, courgettes, potatoes and lots and lots of herbs. If you grow your own food it tastes all the better because you’ve invested a bit of time and love in the process. We moved to our new home nearly three years ago and project number one in the garden was a vegetable bed.

We were approached by the lovely people at Debt Free Direct who have given us a grow your own challenge to see if it’ll help save us some money. They gave us £75 to spend at Wilko to get the ball rolling. £75 at Wilko goes a very long way, here’s what we bought…

grow your ownTomato grow bags
Tomato support cages
Westland grow bags
Greek oregano seeds 
Miracle grow compost 
Pumpkin rocket F1
Wilko 4 tier mini greenhouse
Courgette Defender F1
Courgette (round) seeds
Gardeners delight tomato seeds 
Tomato plant feed 

grow your ownOrdering from the website was really easy and all of my order arrived safely a few days later. I am honestly super-impressed with the quality of everything, particularly the greenhouse which is a sturdy construction and a pretty essential piece of kit to help your plants survive and thrive the changeable spring (and let’s face it, summer) weather.

We can’t wait to get sowing the seeds. This year we’re going to get the boy involved so he can feel invested in the process and hopefully enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of his labour.

Do follow our progress as I’ll be blogging our grow your own updates along the way, and I’d love to hear any of your top gardening tips for vegetable success!

Disclaimer: Debt Free Direct gave us £75 to spend on our grow your own project. All of my opinions are my own and my reviews as always are honest.


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  1. How brilliant! You and your little man will have a wonderful time growing your own 🙂 This is our 2nd year doing so and all of us are enjoying it..the children are fascinated in watching the plants grow x

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