A walk around Abney Hall, Cheadle

At the weekend we took the boy for a walk around Abney Hall. I’ve lived a few minutes away from Abney Hall all my life and spent many, many happy hours there as a child.

We used to love pond dipping, playing in the steam and chasing around in the woodland. Slightly morbid me, used to enjoy visiting the pet cemetery, where the beloved family pets of the halls previous residents are buried.

The hall has a grand history and is perhaps most famous for its connection to Agatha Christie who visited relatives there on a number of occasions and wrote several stories during her time at Abney Hall.

We went this weekend because we’d heard that a sinkhole had opened up in the pond and it had entirely drained away.

Abney Hall

The sinkhole which appeared in March

When we visited at the weekend it looked like the pond had been repaired and had started to fill again with rainwater.

Abney Hall

The pond at the weekend, it looked full and healthy

We had a lovely wander around the park, the boy loved pointing at the ducks on the pond and splashing in muddy puddles. I love the building itself, it’s really quite gothic and the gargoyles are beautifully spooky.

Abney Hall

Architecture is lost on the very young who much prefer crossing the stream and splashing as they go.

Abney Hall

As well as a game of pooh-sticks!

Abney Hall

It’s a beautiful place to visit and we intend to take him back quite regularly, I’m keen to see the slow unveiling of the newly repaired hall and I imagine he’s excited about more epic pooh-sticks battles.

Abney Hall is near Cheadle, Cheshire and is free to visit and enjoy.

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