Jazzing Up The Walls In Your Home

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The right piece of wall art or the perfect shade of paint can completely transform any room. If you are looking ways to spice up your living area or any other part of the house, you don’t need to go on a full redecoration mission. You can jazz up the walls and make the property feel as good as new. How? Well, let’s take a look at some suggestions…

Striking animal paintings

One type of wall art that possesses a particular depth of meaning is animal paintings. This is a fantastic trend for the upcoming months and why it works so brilliantly is because different animals have the capacity to create entirely different moods and feelings. This is because every animal has a meaning. It is little surprise that the likes of the lion and the Taurus are zodiac signs.

In order to discover what animal paintings are the best for your home you need to learn a little bit more about the symbolism behind each animal. So, let’s delve a little bit deeper into some of the most popular animal wall arts and what aura they can bring to your home.


One the exterior a buffalo has a very masculine appearance. This is the sort of art you would expect to see in a study room or a home with an antique and rustic feel. You may think it is a rare animal to begin the list with yet it is a favourite in art work. This is because it creates a positive and inspiring aura. The buffalo is associated with having curing powers and bring all good things to life. Buffalo artwork is great for creating a motivational environment, hence why study rooms and office areas in the home provide the perfect place to house such a picture.


If you are looking for a picture to place in the hallway as people enter your home then you should definitely contemplate a deer painting. A deer is symbolic of love, warmth, and kindness. They create the perfect ambience and therefore offer a warm welcome to anybody who enters your home.

Jazzing Up The Walls In Your Home


The butterfly offers fantastic opportunities for artists. There is huge scope for creativity and the injection of different colours. Butterflies are symbolic of everything that is carefree. Butterfly paintings are fantastic for rooms whereby relaxation is at the forefront; conservatories, living rooms, and bedrooms. In fact, the latter is a great option. The carefree nature of the butterfly situated in the room whereby you dream is a fantastic combination.


The last animal mentioned in the list of intriguing animal paintings is the cow. This animal is associated with feminine qualities of nurturing and motherhood. This makes cow paintings fantastic for nursery rooms and small children. There are lots of abstract cow paintings available, meaning there are lots of funky and exciting pictures too.

Paint or wallpaper

Of course, the most obvious way to change up your walls is to paint them a different colour or wallpaper them. But, what if you cannot choose between the two?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of paint first. The first reason to consider paint is because there is literally every colour under the sun available. It won’t cost a lot to hire a handyman to paint your home, and you can easily re-paint your property whenever you have a change of heart or want to breathe new life into your home. Of course, you can also paint your home yourself. A lot of people also decide to merely paint one wall in the room to create an accent wall. This can look incredibly striking, and you can also place your wildlife photo on this wall. There are stencils available if you want to add some patterns to your walls too.

Despite this, wallpaper can also be cost effective if you consider the fact that it can last for up to 15 years, and sometimes even longer. Therefore, you really do experience value for money when it comes to this option. Wallpaper is also ideal if you want to hide any surface imperfections, as it adheres smoothly and easily to walls. You also have a whole host of beautiful prints, intriguing textures, and chic designs to choose from, which can add character and atmosphere to any room. Similarly to the suggestion mentioned with painting one wall a different colour of the four, a lot of people opt to paint a room and then have wallpaper applied to one wall to act as a feature wall.

Coloured picture frames

Are you looking for a photo frame to show off your daughter’s graduation picture? Perhaps you have just invested in a fascinating piece of art? Or, maybe you want to frame a picture of you and your best friend for her upcoming birthday? Picture frames hold various special moments and stunning works of art. It is vital to select your picture frame with care, as it needs to generate attention, look beautiful alongside your room’s décor, and accentuate the main aspects of the picture placed inside.

When buying a picture frame one of the biggest decisions you need to make is what colour frame you want to go for. You have many options at your disposal. You could choose a classic shade, such as black and white. You could go for something metallic, like gold, silver, or bronze. Or, what about coloured picture frames: pink, red, green, blue, lilac, lime, yellow, purple, and more?

If you opt for coloured picture frames: pink, red, green, blue, lilac, lime, yellow, purple, or any other bright shade, you can really bring your photograph or picture to life. The brightness and vibrancy of the colour is guaranteed to attract attention, and so individuals will be immediately drawn to the eye-catching photo frame and then consequently what is placed inside. This is exactly the impact you want to achieve when showcasing a special photograph or a unique piece of artwork.

The only thing you need to do is decide what colour you are going to go for. One of the most popular methods is to match the frame to the picture that is being placed inside. If you talk to a professional in this industry, they are likely to advise you to match the frame to the picture, rather than the décor in your room.

Nevertheless, you may want to go for something completely contrasting. For example, a black and white picture would look great in a bright yellow, turquoise, or fuchsia pink frame. This is a colour scheme that is exceedingly popular at present – i.e. monochrome with an injection of brightness via the use of one vivid shade. It works really well.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can jazz up the walls in your home. If you follow the suggestions mentioned above, you are bound to make a massive difference, which makes your home feel like a brand new place altogether.

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