The key kitchen trend predictions for 2016

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Looking around my perfectly serviceable but depressingly drab kitchen makes me want to dip into Pinterest and make plans for a much needed refurb. My kitchen is fine and dandy, but I didn’t choose it and despite it having lots of windows and natural light, it always seems dingy. I’ve been looking at and researching some of the kitchen trend predictions for 2016 and wondering what might work in the busiest room in our house. I found this article particularly helpful.

This year open plan, family kitchens are still the order of the day, with high gloss finishes and striking colours being much sought after. Contemporary country styles are increasingly popular amongst people wanting a stylish kitchen with a more traditional style.

Colourful Kitchen Cupboards

My boring beech laminate cupboards have had their day, this year contrasting cabinets are in, with different colours and finishes helping to give the impression of your kitchen being an exciting and vibrant place.

Open shelving is also bang on trend this year, showing off your beautiful dishes and glassware, as well as cooking books and gadgets is all the rage. Open shelving can give you more kitchen storage options, increase the amount of light in the room and can give you a sense of space, which is perfect for smaller kitchens.

kitchen trend predictions for 2016

Colour, Colour, Colour!

Much like colourful kitchen cabinets, one of the key kitchen trend predictions for 2016 is colourful kitchen appliances. We’ve grown bored of white, black or silver coloured appliances, and this year we’ll be seeing brighter, bolder colours available. We’re all familiar with the funky and brightly coloured American-style retro fridges – now you can let your dishwasher join in the fun.

Affordable Luxury

Granite and Quartz worktops have in recent years been a popular choice for the kitchen due to their durability and stylish look, and this year is no exception. Advances in production and cutting techniques now mean that granite and quartz worktops are more affordable than ever. Classic dark greys and black worktops are on trend right now, and are perfect for creating a luxurious look. The stunning granite and quartz worktops from Mayfair Granite are particularly lovely.

Practical, Beautiful Lighting

If there’s one thing every kitchen needs it’s good lighting. Cooking and preparation requires good light. We have dreadful and fairly useless spotlights in our kitchen, they cast unhelpful shadows and they really annoy me. Good lighting is key to creating the right ambience in the kitchen too. 2016 will see the emergence of pendant lighting and under cabinet lighting will gain popularity once more.

Pedant lights can create a more relaxing and informal environment in the kitchen, while under cabinet lighting gives better light for tasks such as food preparation and chopping. Longer lasting LED lights are also gaining popularity due to their durability and brightness.

kitchen trend predictions for 2016

As you can see, the kitchen trend predictions for 2016 are colourful, sleek, stylish and practical. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and it should reflect you and your style, so don’t feel constrained by tradition or formality, express yourself. What kitchen trends will you be embracing this year?

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