My Sunday Photo 28.2.16

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This Sunday may I present to you my Manchester Tart….

Manchester Tart

I’m doing a spot of recipe writing for something which I can tell you more about in April, and this is the happy and rather delicious result of one of those recipes.

My Grandma taught me how to cook, she was a school cook and a pastry chef, so this, the famous Manchester Tart was one of her favourite things to make. I followed her handwritten recipe in a rather battered handwritten book and this was the delicious outcome.

If you’ve never had Manchester Tart before, it is shortcrust pastry blind baked, smothered with a layer of raspberry jam, topped with creme patissiere and sprinkled with toasted dessicated coconut. Some recipes (some very wrong recipes IMHO) include a layer of sliced banana on top of the jam, and most use much more coconut than I did, but it’s all personal taste.

Regardless of whether you are pro or anti banana, this Manchester Tart was a fine tribute to my Grandma, and I like to think she’d be tucking into seconds right now if she were still with us.

17 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 28.2.16

  1. Never heard of a Machester Tart before, although it does sound similar to something my husand & his family cook which is a Queens Pudding
    Personally, I’d say leave out the banana!

  2. I had never even heard of a Manchester Tart before! I would be anti-banana for sure though. I think there is something so wonderful about using the recipes that have been given to us by someone else, rather than those from a book. It looks very tasty!

  3. I use to love Manchester Tart from my school days and this looks delicious. I always wondered how it was made x

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