Ensuring You’re In The Right Mental Place For University

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It’s important to understand that while university is an absolute privilege, it can be more of a hindrance than a help if you’re not prepared. Many people consider going to university right out of schooling in order to get the best headstart for their career. There are many positive benefits to doing this, but sometimes there are some negatives. After all, opening yourself up to freedom and the wider world might not be as healthy when taken in all one dose. You might not be prepared for it.

If you’re hoping to attend University for the first time this September, congratulations to you! You should feel proud and respect yourself for making this decision. However, you must not consider it something easy that you can simply breeze through. There are many requirements to becoming a good and competent university student, and if you’re not prepared you might fall by the wayside.

Ensuring You're In The Right Mental Place For University

In order to ensure you’re in the right mental place for university, consider the following:


This means ensuring that you’re not simply taking a degree because it looks good, or because your family have pushed you into it. Developing in the best way possible means ensuring you want to be there. It might be that you’re simply curious about a subject, and university can be a good place to learn if you’re any good at it. Some degrees can open alternate pathways. For example, you might specialize in editing after developing in an English Literature degree. However, it’s very important that you’re willing to invest time, loan money, and a good amount of heart in order to achieve this. Without it, you will struggle to meet the assignments and have discipline in your schedule enough to push you forward.


There is discipline in being a student. Many people consider this a time to relax and party, but remember, you are here for a reason. While the social circuit might be beneficial to traverse, it’s also important to ensure you know your way around your schedule. Never be afraid to turn things down. This means having the confidence to prioritize your stay here above all other things. Being a better student means developing in a manner that allows you to focus and take time for yourself. You can find tips on achieving this at Urbanest, a place dedicated to helping your find your best self at this time. Discipline means viewing your schedule as a help and not a hindrance, and generally being open to self-development in all of its meanings.


Taking care of your health is important. Drinking to excess, no exercise, a strange social setup and freedom with finances can often mean that you are less competent in your daily offerings than you might hope to be. Take time for your health. Ensure you learn methods of stress reduction when breathing, and try to actively ensure that you break up your schedule into digestible chunks. Neglect social connections that aren’t healthy, stay away from the temptation of drugs even to fit in, and try to focus on goals outside of your studies to give yourself a break.

If you can do all of this, the stage is set to help you become a responsible and well adjusted student.

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