Simple Saving Tips Everyone Should Know

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It doesn’t matter whether you are hard up or doing quite comfortably, thank you, making the most of your money is just as important. Saving a little bit here and there can make a real positive difference to your life without you having to make too many changes. The key is knowing which simple tricks you can do every day.

Always Look for a Better Deal

When companies develop their branding, they are looking for ways to encourage you to stay loyal to them. This is important for businesses because they know that with just a little bit of looking around, you will be able to find a much better deal.

Take baked beans, for example. Most tins of baked beans are pretty much identical, but the only reason you choose one over another is packaging and branding. Challenge yourself to swap a couple of branded items in your weekly shop for supermarket value. You probably won’t be able to taste the difference but your account certainly will. But, if you still want the brands, try shopping in bulk to drive the cost down a bit further.

Another way to get a better deal is to look for vouchers or codes online. These are great for getting a little extra on things like holidays or meals out. Try  for some brilliant deals at well-known brands.

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Become Energy Efficient

Given how much of your income your bills take up, it is always worth reevaluating your energy efficiency and seeing where you can make some changes. The first step is to make sure that all the lights in your house are LED energy efficient bulbs. This might sound like a small thing but when your lights are wasting energy as heat, it will quickly stack up on your bills.

Time-saving machines like the dishwasher and tumble dryer are also quite expensive to run. Try washing up when you can and rather than drying your clothes in the dryer, use a simple clothes rack or line in the garden on sunny days. You can also dry clothes inside, just be cautious about putting them on top of radiators.

Automate Your Savings

The simplest tip, really, is to take your savings out of your hands and automate the transfer of money from your current account to your savings account. By automating the transfer you know that the allocated money will go into savings on the right day and you can’t forget. Plus, as the saving is regulated you will start to think of it as any other direct debit and simply get on with the money you have left. In other words, you can’t be tempted not to save this month.

With a few simple tips and tricks, you will find that your money goes a bit further than it used to and, whatever you choose to spend it on, you know that you haven’t had to negatively impact your lifestyle to get it. Balancing the books with a tweak here and there is always a good idea, so keep an eye out – you never know where the next saving might be!

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