This Simple Spring Health Check Will Make You Feel Great

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After what seems like an age, spring is finally around the corner. Something about emerging from a long, dark winter makes us want to start afresh, and many make plans to declutter, redecorate and give their homes a good spring clean. But what about our bodies and minds? If you’ve been in hibernation mode, eating stodgy foods and favouring nights in with Netflix rather than going out for a run, it’s no wonder you may feel sluggish, low-energy and not ready for action. But spring is the perfect time to revisit what you can do for your wellbeing and form fresh habits just in time for the lighter evenings. Here are some ideas to spring clean your body and mind and get you all set up:

Do A Spring Health Check

Now is the time to address any niggling discomforts or lingering bad habits that may have set in over the winter. So take the time to tune into your body and find real solutions for any issues. Plagued by a stiff shoulder or an aching back? Consider booking some physio or going to see the chiropractor. If your feet are bugging you, a medical pedicure from a qualified podiatrist could be in order. Low energy? You could look into healing therapies such as reflexology or acupuncture to get you back on track. Time to kick some bad habits? If you’ve been overdoing it on the sweet treats, considering finding some sugar-free cake recipes so you can have your cake and eat it, or even try a sugar-free challenge if you’re feeling brave. If you lapsed back into smoking, hypnotherapy could help you to go cold turkey or try for vaping alternatives to cigarettes.

Take A Daily Lemon Water

There is so much evidence out there on the benefits of starting your day with hot water and fresh lemon. This simple concoction alkalises the body improves your digestion, helps flush out toxins and cleanse the liver and starts off your day’s hydration nicely. It’s a simple habit to get into that can have a positive effect on your health – so make sure you add some lemons to your weekly shop – and when life gives you lemons – you get good health!

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Eat A Rainbow

You don’t have to completely overhaul your diet to make an impact on your health – introducing a few subtle changes can really help. Aiming to add just two more vegetables of different colours into each meal, for example, can mean that you find creative ways of including extra vitamins and nutrients, and before you know it, your diet is much healthier overall. Try to follow a guide to seasonal produce to help you understand what is at its best when, and aim to eat as many different colours of vegetables and fruits as you can. This doesn’t have to be hard. Making pasta? Add a chopped red onion, a diced yellow pepper and some fresh spinach or courgette to the tomatoes in the sauce.  Or you could try a daily green juice. Blending a liquid means that the minerals and enzymes in your greens don’t have to go through the digestion process and you can benefit from the goodness straight away. Add chia or flax seeds for fibre and protein.

Check Your Gut Health

Scientists are becoming increasingly aware of the role our microbiomes – that’s the bacterial environment in your guts – are at regulating our health, immune system, metabolism and resistance to disease. Anything from dry, brittle or thinning hair, eczema, aching joints or anxiety can be improved with proper gut health. But simply adding a daily probiotic to your routine can be enormously beneficial. Either in the form of handy yoghurt drinks, a supplement, or a regular serving of fermented foodstuffs such as kefir or kimchi, it’s a simple step to better health and increased energy.

Exercise For Your Mind

When we think about beginning an exercise routine, we often frame it regarding our bodies. And these thoughts can lead to exhausting, high impact workouts. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if the gym just isn’t your thing, think about low-impact exercises such as walking or yoga, regarding your mental health. Slow and steady activity, especially if taken outdoors, releases endorphins – feel-good brain chemicals that have a dramatic impact on easing our stress levels. The most important thing here is not how hard you can push yourself, but being consistent and making it a regular activity. Aim for 30 minutes each day or at least every other day, and watch the difference it makes to your wellbeing.

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