Interiors: Stylish LED Lighting to suit your home

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LED lighting offers some great benefits, but a common misconception is that although LED lighting is great value for money, it has an ugly, commercial appearance that isn’t suitable for the home. If your house is cosily and beautifully decorated, then the last thing you want is bright industrial looking lighting.  Are LED lights really just ugly fittings and bright white bulbs?

There is no denying the difference that good lighting can make to a room or garden. Even if you have a relatively small space, the right lighting can make your home bright, light and beautiful. By the same token, if you have a big open space that just doesn’t feel ‘cosy’ enough to live in, then a warm, subtle glow from your lighting can really help in setting the scene. The great thing about LED lighting is that you don’t just get one ‘colour’ of light and LED options these days are virtually infinite.

There is a whole spectrum of different hues and brightness available from a golden warm white, all the way up to a crisp, bright daylight as well as plenty of choices in between. Choose an option to suit the mood you are trying to create, and you will have the perfect lighting to complement to your décor.

Not only do the LED bulbs come in a vast range of stylish choices, there is also a huge selection of super stylish fittings that will make you wonder why you didn’t try LED lighting sooner! For illumination in the bedroom, try some ceiling spotlights? There are some really great, delicate options that can be fitted on their own or in a row of five or six heads. Their chic design means they will not intrude on the décor you already have in your bedroom but rather enhance it.

If your after something a little more ‘out there’ why not go for some wardrobe lighting? Most wardrobe LED’s are designed with a sensor. This means that they will come on automatically when the wardrobe is opened. This is not only practical but also looks great and will definitely bring out your inner Carrie Bradshaw!

Bathroom lighting can be tricky as often bathrooms can be fairly small spaces, Having a large, unattractive light fitting in your bathroom can be too much. A popular bathroom lighting option is the spotlight as they can be recessed easily into the ceiling. However, if you want to add a little extra something to your bathroom, why not install some cabinet or shelf lighting, These can really set the mood for a relaxing candle lit bath. Teamed with spotlights, they will add an extra dimension to a usually fairly small and compact space – plus if your cabinet is illuminated, there is no risk of using someone else’s toothbrush!

For most people, the living room is a family space where everyone can get together and watch TV or talk about their day. Living room lighting is important. No one likes the big light on and lamps and wall lights can create a cosier feel. High floor lamps are popular, there are some stunning designs using LED bulbs available. From bulky and retro to sleek and traditional, there are hundreds to choose from. However, trying something different is always a good thing. If you like a modern, futuristic look (think pops of colour and metallic) then there are plenty of funky LED options you can choose from.

LED lighting has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. The range of different designs means that you can save money on your bills and create the right kind of ambience for your home.

Interiors: Stylish LED Lighting to Suit your Home

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