Things to Do on a Mini Get Away to Brighton

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With so many great things to see and do, Brighton is a great destination to head to for a mini get away. Even after spending a couple of days in this great resort town, there will still be a lot of things left unexplored. So, if you’re planning a mini get away to this great town, let’s look at some of the best things you can do while you’re there.

Things to Do on a Mini Get Away to Brighton

Take a food tour

Did you know that Brighton can rival London when it comes to its food scene? So, if you’re a self-confessed foodie, you’ll want to take part in the food tours which run throughout the town.

The Very Independent Food tour is especially popular, featuring only locally sourced, mouth-watering food and drink. You’ll head off on a walk through the town to discover tempting treats. Experience the delightful open market and pay a trip to Brighton’s own sausage company. You’ll want to take a bag with you as you’ll have the opportunity to purchase goodies to take home with you, as well as enjoy lots of included food and drink on the tour.

Enjoy the nightlife at Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina isn’t just beautiful, it also boasts a great nightlife scene. It’s the biggest marina within the UK and it has entertainment for all the family. You’ll find a huge 8-screen cinema, a recently refurbished bowling alley, a casino and glow in the dark golf. There’s also plenty of restaurants to grab a bite to eat and hotels which will allow you to stay on-site.

Check out the Brighton Toy and Model Museum

If it’s a rainy day when you arrive, a great place to head to is the Brighton Toy and Model Museum. Featuring vintage style penny arcades, antique model trains and beautiful stuffed bears, this museum will prove to be a real blast from the past for you and a treasure trove for your kids. Situated just below the station, this would be a great attraction to visit either when you first arrive or before you leave. Don’t forget, you can save money and stress at the station by ordering anytime tickets.

As you can see, there’s loads to do on a mini get away to Brighton. Whether you’re heading there with the kids, or you’re looking to spend a little quality time with your partner, Brighton has something to suit everyone.

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