Unusually beautiful gifts from Uncommon Goods

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With the nights drawing in, my thoughts are turning towards Christmas. I’m determined to be more organised this year and start my shopping early. I don’t have many people to buy for, but I like to buy the lucky few interesting things which have been carefully chosen. I’m always on the look out for something which is unique, which is why I did a little cheer when I stumbled upon the Uncommon Goods website.

Uncommon Goods stock a gorgeous range of unique handmade goods. It’s a place where beautiful handmade products are sold; a bit like a lovely craft market, but online and all in one place. They’re based in America, but they’ve recently started selling their wares in the UK too. This is something which pleases me. I like to think that my family and friends are special and unique people and they deserve special and unique gifts too.

Unusually beautiful gifts from Uncommon Goods

I adore (I really do adore) this Solar System Necklace. It’s beautiful enough as a piece of jewellery, but I love that it represents the sun and nine planets (including Pluto). Handmade in Maryland, USA, this is a really unique and eye-catching piece of jewellery. Costing £40.78, this is part of a wider collection of planet themed necklaces, earrings and cuff-links which would make really unique and interesting gifts for Christmas.

Unusually beautiful gifts from Uncommon Goods

My heart did a little melt when I saw these Baby Fortune Cookie Booties. Aren’t they adorable? They’re just £21.50 and handmade from extra-plush fleece with floor-gripping soles. Each little slipper curls back into a delectable cookie shape when not in use. These are perfect for my friend’s little baby on her first Christmas. Oh my heart.

There are so many lovely gifts for the menfolk in my life. Take these Mathematical Glasses; they’re really fun and perfect for my brother who is a Maths Teacher. These glasses are so beautifully decorated, I know he will love them. They’re just £28.06 and incredibly unique, I can’t resist.

Unusually beautiful gifts from Uncommon Goods

There are so many lovely, lovely things on the Uncommon Goods website. It’s well worth taking a look to see what interesting things you can find for your family and friends this Christmas.

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