Book Review: Clever Tykes Enterprise Storybooks

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A little while ago I was sent a set of the Clever Tykes Enterprise Storybooks to read with my son. The Clever Tykes Enterprise Storybooks have been written to inspire children to be positive, resourceful and enterprising. Clever Tykes books promote important values through morals and role models.

The Clever Tykes books are illustrated by Sam Moore and written by Ben, Jodie and Jason. They are supported by Lloyds Banking Group and In 2017 they sent a set of the books free of charge to every Primary School in the UK.

Book Review: Clever Tykes Enterprise Storybooks

We were sent three of the books – Change It Cho; Walk It Willow and Code It Cody. The books are aimed at children aged 7-9 years, My son has recently turned 8 and I think he might appreciate them more in another year or so. We’ve read them together, but I think when he’s a little older he will appreciate and enjoy them more.

Change It Cho

Change It Cho is about a girl called Cho who loves healthy eating. After noticing that some of her friends at school don’t eat very much healthy food she makes it her mission to encourage her friends to eat more fruit and veg. Enterprising Cho sets up a fruit and veg stall in her village and makes it a success.

Walk It Willow

Walk It Willow is about a girl who loves walking her own dog. When she is asked to walk another dog by a family friend, she turns dog walking into a lucrative business. However, she makes a few mistakes along the way, and there’s the smelly business of poop-scooping! Will Willow walk her business to success?

Code It Cody

Code It Cody is about a boy called Cody who is part of the computer club at school. The members of the club are challenged to design a computer game and pitch their games to a panel of teachers. Cody does lots of research and creates a game of his own, but will his bright idea win?

Book Review: Clever Tykes Enterprise Storybooks

The Clever Tykes books are well written, with lovely line drawing illustrations and accessible text. The print is nicely spaced and I’d say they were just above the easy reader level.

The stories are certainly interesting and inspirational. I know I would have been inspired by them at that age, but I was quite an entrepreneurial child. The characters in the books are really good role models too. For a child with a glimmer of entrepreneurial spirit, these books will really inspire them.

The Clever Tykes books are available online, directly from the website. The Clever Tykes website also includes additional resources which are available to download, some of them are free.

Disclosure: We were sent these Clever Tykes books for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

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