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This month sees the publication of a new range of STEM Activity Books from Carlton Kids. STEM stands for; Science; Technology; Engineering and Maths. These are all the subjects (apart from Maths) which my son loves best and they’re all good subjects to encourage our children to be interested in.

My son will be 8 in just a few short weeks and if I’m honest, we’ve been struggling to find activity books to do at home. We always like to have a few in the activity bag which we take out with us whenever we go for a meal or a day out somewhere. Good activity books aimed at children his age seem to be fairly hard to come by.

Giveaway & Review: STEM Activity Books

The STEM Activity Books range includes;
  • Sensational Science by Steph Clarkson
  • Terrific Technology by Claire Sipi
  • Extreme Engineering by Paul Virr
  • Amazing Maths by Hannah Wilson

The STEM Activity Books from Carlton Kids look like they’re going to fill that activity book gap for my son. In face when I showed them to him he was thrilled and immediately went off and started working his way through the Extreme Engineering book.

Each of the STEM Activity Books are filled with mazes, puzzles, quizzes and facts and there are over 40 activities in each of the books. The Sensational Science book, covers a really broad spectrum of science including; Our Universe; Chemical Reactions; Gravity; Awesome Atoms; Brilliant Bodies; Rocks and Fossils and Electricity. For a boy who loves science as much as he does, this is the best book in the world right now.

In the Amazing Maths book, find the coordinates on the map, colour in the polygons to reveal the animals, work out the area of the farm, and spot the symmetrical objects. These are just some of the activities featured in the Amazing Maths book.

Giveaway & Review: STEM Activity Books

The other books, Terrific Technology, Extreme Engineering and Amazing Maths are all similarly packed with facts and fun things to do. They’re colourfully illustrated and aimed at ages 6+. My son is nearly 8 and I would say they were absolutely bang on for him.

Each of the four STEM Activity Books is engaging and interesting. They’re the kind of things you can do on car journeys, or days out. Or perhaps keep them to one side and do the activities alongside any STEM activities they might be studying at school. My son goes to a science after school class, so these books are great to accompany and reinforce his learning at home too.

Each book in the STEM Activity series costs £9.99 and they are available to order now online or in good bookshops.

We were sent these STEM Activity books for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

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