Our Visit to Wythenshawe Community Farm

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Ever since our visit in March to Reddish Vale Farm we’ve had nothing but plaintiff requests from the boy to “go see the andimals”. It’s impossible to refuse such a delightful request, so off we trotted to Wythenshawe Community Farm for an adventure.

We’ve been a few times before because it is so close to home and it’s free. It is tiny but they’ve packed the place with animals, and at this time of year we were desperate to see the baby lambs.

Wythenshawe Community Farm

It is a small community farm, but they’ve managed to pack in sheep, goats, pigs, cows, horses, chickens, ducks and a rather handsome peacock.

Clearly his favourites were once again “the piggins” there were three huge pigs having a snooze in a big-pig-pile. He kept on going back to have a look at them. I suspect it might break his heart when he finds out what sausages are made out of.

We managed to be there during feeding time which was lovely. They even brought out one of the orphan baby lambs and bottle fed it. Little Bobby (in the picture above) was adorable and so soft and placid. There were few children about by that time, but they all got to give him a gentle stroke.

Wythenshawe Community Farm

I love this picture of the cows at feeding time, all quietly lined up, heads down, munching away. I couldn’t resist taking this snap.

We’ll be going again in a few weeks, they’ll be bringing the lambs out properly then and we can’t wait to see them. He does love going to the farm and seeing the andimals.

For more information about Wythenshawe Community Farm visit their website here. 

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  1. It’s great to support these Community farms – they are such an invaluable resource for so many. Spring is the perfect time for a visit with all the baby lambs and kids arriving – we’ve had a fair few ourselves here at Coombe. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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