How to make a pretty Tissue Paper Flower Wreath

A few weeks ago I shared how to make Tissue Paper Flowers. They’re a lovely, simple thing to make, they take no time at all and stay looking lovely in the vase pretty much forever. I decided that they were too pretty for just one thing and I’d make a Tissue Paper Flower Wreath to brighten up my office door. It didn’t take long at all and I love how it looks. It’s really cheered up a dull corner.

Once you get the hang of them, they’re remarkably simple to make. You can put a flower together in a few minutes. You can mix different shades of tissue paper together to make a multi-coloured bloom, or stick to one colour if you prefer.

How to make a pretty Tissue Paper Flower Wreath

For my wreath I had some colourful tissue paper I’d saved for something like this, then I picked some co-ordinating colours. Once I’d finished sticking my flowers on, I decided it needed something else and I quickly cut some foam leaves and glued them in place. It balanced the whole wreath nicely.

How to make a Tissue Paper Flower Wreath

You will need:

1 paper plate
Glue stick
Green tissue paper
Coloured tissue paper, 1 sheet per flower
A short piece of ribbon
Glue gun
Some pipe-cleaners
Green foam sheet, for the leaves

How to make a pretty Tissue Paper Flower Wreath

Begin by preparing your wreath. Take the paper plate and cut a neat hole in the inner circle. Cut the green tissue paper into long strips, rub the glue stick on both sides of the paper plate and wind the tissue paper around the paper plate hoop. Press the tissue paper onto the glue and put it to one side so the glue can set.

How to make a pretty Tissue Paper Flower Wreath

Now to make your flowers. Take a sheet of tissue paper and cut it into quarters. Make a pile of the quarters, fold them in half so it looks like a rectangle and cut along the fold. You should now have eight rectangles of tissue paper.

Click here for step by step pictures showing how to make a tissue paper flower.

Make them into a neat pile and fold them along the short edge in a concertina. The folds need to be about 1cm. Once you’ve folded the concertina along the full length of the rectangle; take the pipe-cleaner, cut it in thirds and wrap one third around the centre of the concertina. Use the other bit of pipe-cleaner on other flowers.

Once the centre of the concertina is secured, fan out the tissue paper folds and start to pull them to the centre of the flower in individual layers. Take your time over this, make sure you separate every individual layer. Once you’ve done this, ruffle the flower up and your flower is done. Make a few more flowers in this way until you’ve made as many as you need.

Once you’ve made enough flowers, Take your wreath and with a pair of scissors cut a small slit in the top and thread a piece of ribbon through, knot it so you’re able to hang your wreath from the ribbon.

With your glue gun, generously glue the back of each flower and press it into place. Do this with each flower until you’re happy with our tissue paper wreath. If you want to add some leaves, cut them out of your green foam sheet and glue them where you think they will look their best.

If you don’t have a glue gun, you could use generous dollops of PVA glue, but you’ll need to leave it to set properly, overnight if possible. Once it’s dry, hang it somewhere jolly and it’ll give you years of colourful cheer.

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How to make a pretty Tissue Paper Flower Wreath

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