Blowing the cobwebs away at Dunham Massey

It’s fast becoming a family tradition to spend a post-Christmas frosty afternoon at our nearest National Trust property, Dunham Massey. We like Dunham because it’s great for “family” walks, meaning it’s flat and well paved, perfect for bikes, scooters and the wobbly legs of small children. They also make an excellent cup of tea. Add to that we’re National Trust members so it’s free entry, what’s not to like?

We went on 30th December, it was largely a dry, windy, very cold day, but that didn’t put us off and Dunham Massey seemed quite busy with families out for a walk, or testing out new bikes and scooters. We went obstensively to see the deer, but they were hiding somewhere in the woods, so we walked the paths instead. We found a little den someone had built, a “stick house” which we explored, much to his delight.

Dunham Massey

There were also some small patches of snow left over, enough for a few little snowballs and a well ordered snowball fight (I lost). Although we couldn’t find the deer, we did spot lots of deer poo which the boy found quite interesting.

The small boy was beginning to tire, so we headed back to the big house via the duck pond, the low winter sun was shining on the pond and the light was incredible. I wish I’d taken my proper camera with me. Winter skies are so special, the clouds all fluffy and a little bit moody. I love this picture.

Dunham Massey

It was a short but lovely jaunt to Dunham Massey, he’s not great at walking distances and I do miss going onย a long winter walk, all wrapped up against the elements. But a winter walk with a small child is full of different types of joy. Small details; clouds that look like dragons, stick houses, deer poo, tiny snowballs, conversations with the ducks, splishy sploshy muddy puddles. I love it.

Dunham blew some of our Christmas cobwebs away. I adore a winter walk, all that bracing fresh air and country views makes the tea and cake afterwards all the more enjoyable. You know me, there’s always tea and cake.

13 thoughts on “Blowing the cobwebs away at Dunham Massey

  1. Yes, I miss longer walks too, but we’re gradually getting a bit more time on foot as they get older. I agree too, winter skies can be so beautiful and dramatic.

  2. It looks like you all had a fabulous time exploring all the open areas to run around in. It’s great that you managed to find some of the residual snow and get a little snow ball fight in. It’s a shame the Deer were hiding this time, but that’s just an excuse to go back again. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. We love dunham massey too, May have to go again this weekend after this little reminder. ๐Ÿ™‚ We always have to stop and look at animal poo too, must be a young child thing… our distances are slowly getting longer. Can now manage 3 miles with our S before the whinning starts, but we still have plenty of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the picture by the pond too.

  4. So true about that picture. The sky is just stunning! Its really nice to have the NT membership! Nothing beat walks like this =) #countrykids

  5. I haven’t been to Dunham Massey in years but I have fond memories of it. Nice to see your lovely photos! #countrykids

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