Marvellous memories from The Just So Festival 2014

This was our first time at the Just So Festival, we went for just a day but next year we’ll be hoping to go for the whole weekend. It’s a fabulous family festival, full of magic and wonder. I’ve taken a few pictures to hopefully capture a flavour of our day there and some of the extraordinary sights we saw…

Just So Festival 2014

Just So Festival 2014


Just So Festival 2014

The annual weekend of music, magic, the arts, theatre and wonder is a real feast for children and families. It’s a lovely way of sparking their imaginations, filling their heads with wonder, and it is the most creative, relaxed and downright fun time we’ve probably ever spent together as a family.

The festival is split up into different sections, with activities taking place in the woods, or by the lake, or in circus tents. It is completely and utterly family friendly, with good toilets (for a festival) and a lovely baby changing and even bathing area. You can bring your own tent if you’re staying over, or you can book a luxury yurt or tent.

I have written a full review of the Just So Festival 2014 for Mums & Dads Magazine, it was a truly fantastic and fantastical experience and probably the highlight of our summer!

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