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The Jungle Bunch is a brand new animated adventure in which a group of animals, known as The Jungle Bunch embark on a mission to stop Igor the evil koala from destroying their jungle habitat.

The Jungle Bunch stars a heroic orphan penguin called Maurice who may look like a penguin but he’s a real tiger inside! Maurice is adopted and raised by the great tigress, Natacha and is known as the Great Warrior Tiger and the leader of the Jungle Bunch. He is both dynamic and courageous and is known all over the jungle and respected by all the animals.

Giveaway & Review: The Jungle Bunch DVD

Along with his friends, known as the Jungle Bunch, Maurice tries to maintain order and justice in the jungle, just like his tiger mother did before him. But, Igor, an evil koala who is hellbent on revenge wants to destroy the jungle once and for all. Will Maurice succeed in saving the jungle?

The Jungle Bunch is a lively animated adventure aimed at children aged 3-7 years old. There’s lots of slapstick and fisticuffs, as well as some really funny and touching moments. I found myself laughing along with my son and really getting involved in the story. Watch out for familiar feeling moments in the film which are reminiscent of the Indiana Jones and Rocky films.

The ensemble cast of animated animals makes a rag-tag bunch of heroes. Watch out for the brilliantly funny Batricia, brainy Gilbert, Miguel the monkey and Junior, Maurice’s adopted son, who for my money is the real hero here!

The Jungle Bunch is a heartwarming story, with lots of action and adventure along the way. It’s a feel-good family adventure and a lot of fun too. It got the thumbs up from my mini-reviewer!

The Jungle Bunch is available on DVD or on digital download now. It’s rated U and has a running time of 1h 37min.

Giveaway & Review: The Jungle Bunch DVD

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