DVD Review: Sheep and Wolves

The animated kids film Sheep and Wolves was released on DVD this week. Set in a magical faraway land, this animated family adventure shows what it’s really like to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When a lovable wolf named Grey is magically transformed into a ram after taking a mysterious potion, he is forced to overcome his fears in order to regain the trust of the pack and its most beautiful she-wolf, Bianca. But how can he do that when all he has are three days, two horns and four hooves?

Sheep and Wolves DVD Review

Sheep and Wolves features the voices of Tom Felton (Harry Potter 1-8), Ruby Rose (Pitch Perfect 3), Jim Cummings (Winnie the Pooh) and China Anne McClain (Black Lightening). This PG rated animation was originally released in Russia and its UK release has been eagerly awaited.

Sheep and Wolves is a really engaging story. It’s colourful, the animation is great with fantastic attention to detail; the fur on the wolves is especially well done. It’s rated PG, so it’s probably not great for very young children, but it was right on the mark for my 7 year old. Even better, there was no toilet humour, which makes a nice change; most kids films have a million fart jokes I can do without these days.

With a running time of just 81 minutes, parts of this film do seem a little rushed. There could be a little more character development in places, but this is a minor niggle from an adult perspective. It’s an all’s well that ends well tale which will entertain and engage children, especially if they love wolves!

Sheep and Wolves is available on DVD now!

Sheep and Wolves DVD Review


Review: The Jungle Bunch DVD

The Jungle Bunch is a brand new animated adventure in which a group of animals, known as The Jungle Bunch embark on a mission to stop Igor the evil koala from destroying their jungle habitat.

The Jungle Bunch stars a heroic orphan penguin called Maurice who may look like a penguin but he’s a real tiger inside! Maurice is adopted and raised by the great tigress, Natacha and is known as the Great Warrior Tiger and the leader of the Jungle Bunch. He is both dynamic and courageous and is known all over the jungle and respected by all the animals.

Giveaway & Review: The Jungle Bunch DVD

Along with his friends, known as the Jungle Bunch, Maurice tries to maintain order and justice in the jungle, just like his tiger mother did before him. But, Igor, an evil koala who is hellbent on revenge wants to destroy the jungle once and for all. Will Maurice succeed in saving the jungle?

The Jungle Bunch is a lively animated adventure aimed at children aged 3-7 years old. There’s lots of slapstick and fisticuffs, as well as some really funny and touching moments. I found myself laughing along with my son and really getting involved in the story. Watch out for familiar feeling moments in the film which are reminiscent of the Indiana Jones and Rocky films.

The ensemble cast of animated animals makes a rag-tag bunch of heroes. Watch out for the brilliantly funny Batricia, brainy Gilbert, Miguel the monkey and Junior, Maurice’s adopted son, who for my money is the real hero here!

The Jungle Bunch is a heartwarming story, with lots of action and adventure along the way. It’s a feel-good family adventure and a lot of fun too. It got the thumbs up from my mini-reviewer!

The Jungle Bunch is available on DVD or on digital download now. It’s rated U and has a running time of 1h 37min.

Giveaway & Review: The Jungle Bunch DVD

Review: CBeebies Play Time DVD

At home, our TV channel of choice is CBeebies. It’s packed with all of his favourites and he loves to wind down after a hard day at school with a snack. We were sent the CBeebies Play Time DVD to watch and the small boy didn’t take long to decide that it was already one of his favourites.

The 2 hour long CBeebies Play Time DVD from Abbey Home Media features all  of his CBeebies favourites and for over 2 hours of fun-filled entertainment. With 12 episodes in the collection; including Teletubbies;Twirlywoos; In The Night Garden; Peter Rabbit; Topsy & Tim; Mike the Knight; The Furchester Hotel; Octonauts; Q Pootle 5; Ruff–Ruff; Tweet and Dave; Chuggington and Cloudbabies.

CBeebies Play Time DVD

The CBeebies Play Time DVD is a great way of entertaining young children with its familiar, well-loved characters and diverse range of fun and engaging shows.

Although we didn’t sit down and watch the whole DVD in one sitting, he did enjoy the variety of programmes on this DVD. He even liked watching the shows more suited to younger children. I think maybe he’s watching them from a slightly different perspective and getting something new out of them.

Naturally he had some favourites –

Peter Rabbit – The One That Got Away. When Peter and his friends encounter the legendary “Jack Sharp”, a large trout that even Peter’s father failed to catch; they try to reel the fish in once and for all. But catching a fish is a lot harder than it looks.

Topsy and Tim – In New Pet Topsy and Tim love caring for their new pet rabbit but struggle to agree on his name. When they notice how wiggly his nose is, they know just what to call him.

Mike the Knight – In Hidden Garden Games. When Mike, Evie and the Queen have a competition in the Hidden Garden, Mike learns that it’s good to let everyone have a turn to play. But it’s even better when everyone plays together.

Octonauts –  In Mimic Octopus Peso is gathering red algae to cure the sick vegimals but needs the help of a Mimic Octopus to scare off a Moray eel. The eel uses its striped tentacles to pretend to be a group of poisonous sea snakes.

Chuggington – In Koko’s Puppy Training Koko Koko finds a lost puppy and wants to keep it. Koko soon realises a little girl is looking for the puppy and decides that she needs to take him home.

The CBeebies Play Time DVD is another great collection of CBeebies classics and ideal for keeping the little ones entertained this summer!

Order your copy of the CBeebies Play Time DVD today!

CBeebies Play Time DVD

Review: Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD

When it comes to children’s DVDs, for me compilations are always a winner. There’s a little bit of everything they like and enough variety to keep them interested. My son loves these kind of DVDs too and was super-happy to get his hands on the new Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD.

Giveaway & Review: Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD

The Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD features the biggest and brightest stars in pre-school television from Channel 5’s Milkshake! The Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD guarantees over two hours of fabulous fun, magical mischief and awesome adventure.

This new DVD collection by Abbey Home Media is released on Monday 23rd October. The Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD features some real pre-school heroes, including PAW Patrol, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Poppy Cat, Noddy, Toyland Detective and Bob the Builder.

Episodes featured in the new Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD include…

PAW Patrol – In ‘Pups Save the Paw Patroller’, Mayor Humdinger has swiped the PAW Patroller! The pups need to get it back and save that meddling mayor too.

Bob The Builder – In ‘Where’s Pilchard?’, when Muck has to shoo Pilchard out of his way, she suddenly vanishes. Leo and the machines run around trying to find her before Bob realises she’s disappeared.

Peppa Pig – In ‘Playing Pretend’, when Peppa’s bike gets a flat tyre and needs fixing, Peppa and her friends have fun riding their imaginary bikes and jumping in pretend muddy puddles.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – In ‘Lucy’s Elf & Fairy Party’, Lucy celebrates her birthday with an Elf and Fairy party. Lucy’s Dad does a magic show but things get a bit out of hand when Princess Holly and her friends join in…

Fireman Sam – In ‘Best Sleepover Ever’, Norman, Mandy, Sarah and James are having a sleepover at Mandy’s house. Norman is determined that it will be the ‘Best Sleepover Ever’. 

Puffin Rock – In ‘Mossy Impossible’, Oona is in danger. She’s tangled up in fishing twine near Seagull Cliff and the seagulls will be back soon! Mossy and Bernie try to free her, but they need help from Mama and Papa Puffin.

Noddy, Toyland Detective – In ‘Broken Crystal Memory Game’, Noddy needs to find out who broke the Crystal Memory Game before the start of the Daredale Challenge Obstacle Race!

Thomas & Friends – In ‘Toby’s New Friend’, Philip spots Toby and assumes that he is a diesel boxcab just like him. Convinced that they will become best friends, Philip rushes up to introduce himself, but Toby finds him rather overwhelming.

With a run time of 133 minutes and with a U Rating, this is a brilliant DVD for Milkshake! fans. You can dip in and out as you wish, or watch it all in one go. There are 14 different shows on the DVD, so there’s plenty to keep young ones occupied and interested, especially as it’s currently available for just £5.99 on Amazon! At that price it’s the kind of DVD that would make a great little gift or stocking filler for a pre-schooler!

Giveaway & Review: Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD

Catch festival favourite Nick Cope on tour

Summer is here and the festival season is upon us once more. Whether you’re off to Camp Bestival, Refract at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale, or taking in the sights at the Edinburgh Fringe, you must (you really must) catch “indie-surrealist kids’ singer songwriter” Nick Cope this summer. Nick Cope is a professional singer and songwriter, who first enjoyed international success as lead singer and songwriter with The Candyskins in the 1990s. These days he is a much loved writer and performer of beautifully bonkers songs for kids.

On tour with festival favourite Nick Cope

Nick first came to my attention when I saw he was appearing at Refract at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale on Sunday 30th July. I looked him up on YouTube and I knew that my son would love his work, and he really really did.

Nick has a number of CDs, each one is full of his funny, whimsical songs for kids of all ages. I now have two of his CDs; The Pirate’s Breakfast and A Round of Applause for The Dinosaurs which I know will fill a few happy hours on the long drive to Cornwall and back this summer. The songs are simple, funny and really relatable. I would love to see Nick perform live and I’m going to make it my mission to catch one of his shows soon!

Nick has also recently released a DVD – The Nick Cope Show which is an animated compilation of brand new and classic videos by Nick and his son Burt (Burt has done some of the animations for Nick’s songs). The DVD is narrated by a cartoon Nick and features favourites like – A round of applause for the dinosaurs, I’m a little lizard, Flower in the garden, the classic The baby’s done a poo and many more. This 25 minute film is available on DVD and iTunes download.

Nick performs all over the UK at all the major art and music festivals. If you want to see him this summer (or at any other time really), all of his gigs are listed o his website. He will be appearing at Camp Bestival, Refract at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale and the Edinburgh Fringe over the next month or so.

Nick is brilliant. We are big fans and I hope you will be too!

Review: PAW Patrol Game On! DVD

PAW Patrol – we’re on a roll! Good news PAW Patrollers, everyone’s favourite rescue pups are back in action in their brand new DVD – PAW Patrol Game On! which is released on 22nd May.

My son adores PAW Patrol and he was incredibly excited to get his paws on this DVD a couple of weeks before its UK release. In these seven exciting, sports-themed episodes, the PAW Patrol team take part in some daring rescues and amazing adventures.

Giveaway & Review: PAW Patrol Game On! DVD

The PAW Patrol Game On! DVD includes seven sporty episodes – 

Pups Save a Basketball Game – Mayor Goodway needs a basketball team, so she calls Ryder and the PAW Patrol for help. The pups team up to become the “Adventure Bay All-Stars” and they’ll need everyone, including an uncertain Marshall, to pitch in and help win the game for Adventure Bay.

Pup-Fu! –The PAW Patrol and the mischievous kittens from Mayor Humdinger’s Kit-tastrophe Crew are both competing for their martial arts belts when they come across an ancient scroll that holds a wealth of secrets. Mayor Humdinger steals the scroll and the PAW Patrol is called upon to find and return it back to Sensei Yumi.

Pups Save the Mayor’s Race – It’s the annual Mayor’s Race and Mayor Goodway is determined to beat the devious Mayor Humdinger. Mayoral contestants need to row a boat, swim and race to the finish line. The pups need to help Mayor Goodway train for the running race and deal with Mayor Humdingers’ disasters.

Pups Save a Snowboard Competition – Jake and Everest are excited for the big Snowboard Competition, until they look outside and see the course is completely buried under a blanket of snow. The rescue pups help to clear the course and rescue the Kit-tastrophe crew kittens who have fallen off a cliff. Everest uses her grappling hook to lower Ryder down the edge of the cliff and her snowboard jet pulls them back up to safety.

Pups Save the Soccer Game – When devious Mayor Humdinger challenges the Adventure Bay team to a soccer match, Ryder and the PAW Patrol are called in to play. The PAW Patrol players start strong but a series of mysterious mishaps jeopardise their team’s victory. The pups must work as a team to overcome some dirty tricks by Mayor Humdinger and win the match!

Pups Great Race – It’s Adventure Bay Race Day and the Pups are about to race each other all across the town to see who is the fastest pup. One other competitor unexpectedly shows up though, Alex in his super trike!

Pups Save a Tightrope Walker – Francois Turbot is bravely walking a tightrope between the top of the Bridge and the Lookout Tower, but storm clouds and seagulls threaten to ruin his act! It’s time to call the PAW Patrol to help get him safely to the other side.

My six year old son has been a massive (seriously massive) PAW Patrol fan for around three years now and his love to Ryder and the PAW Patrol team shows no sign of waning. I fully expected him to love this DVD and I was not mistaken. He’s watched the DVD several times in its entirety and then dipped in and out. The PAW Patrol Game On! DVD is an absolute must for any mini PAW Patrol fan!

Pre-order your copy today on Amazon

PAW Patrol: Game On! is available on 22nd May on DVD!

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Review: Milkshake Fabulous Friends DVD

With Christmas just around the corner, Abbey Home Media have a festive treat for fans of Channel 5’s Milkshake, with the release their new DVD collection and perfect stocking filler – Milkshake Fabulous Friends DVD.

This is a brilliant compilation DVD of your favourite children’s shows from Channel 5’s Milkshake! Hit shows on this newly released DVD include Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, Fireman Sam, Thomas & Friends, Little Princess, Bananas in Pyjamas, Toby’s Travelling Circus, Wanda & The Alien, Pip Ahoy, Toot The Tiny Tugboat, Dora & Friends, Paw Patrol, Wissper, Lily’s Driftwood Bay and Bob the Builder.

Milkshake Fabulous Friends DVD DVDs for Five Year Olds

We were sent a copy of the Milkshake Fabulous Friends DVD to watch, and we thought it was a most brilliant way to spend an afternoon of family cuddles on the sofa. The DVD has most of his favourites on there and at over two hours long, it’s a great DVD to dip in and out of, or to help fill a rainy afternoon now that winter is here. 

Obviously top of his list is Paw Patrol, and this DVD contains probably his favourite episode ever – Pup Pup Boogie; where Ryder, Chase and Rubble use their dance moves to help repair the tracks before the next train arrives.

One of his other favorites is Thomas & Friends. When Harold the Helicopter breaks down, Thomas and Duck take him to Sodor Search and Rescue for repair. Thomas wants to show them the sights but Duck isn’t keen. They need to learn to work together to be Really Useful Engines!

Giveaway & Review: Milkshake Fabulous Friends DVD

And in the Peppa Pig episode ‘The New Car’, Peppa’s family car breaks down. While their car is being mended, they borrow a shiny new one from Grandad Dog’s garage. Lucky Peppa!

Milkshake Fabulous Friends DVD is a great compilation of all of your favourite shows on Milkshake! It is rated U, it is 140 minutes long and it’s available in a wide range of retailers and online now. Compilations are great DVDs for children who like a bit of variety, and this would make a great stocking filler this Christmas.


DVDs: Steven Spielberg’s The BFG

Two of the world’s greatest storytellers – Roald Dahl and Steven Spielberg – unite this year to bring Dahl’s classic to life. Based on the beloved novel by the iconic British children’s novelist, The BFG tells the exciting tale of a young girl named Sophie and the mysterious Big Friendly Giant who introduces her to the wonders and perils of Giant Country. Steven Spielberg’s The BFG is released this month – making the DVD or Blu-ray the perfect Christmas present for young and old Dahl fans alike!

The BFG follows a young girl named Sophie who lives in an orphanage in London. One night, Sophie sees a large, cloaked person in her bedroom window who takes her away to his homeland in Giant Country. There, he identifies himself as the Big Friendly Giant (‘BFG’). Considered an outcast by his fellow children-eating giants, the BFG spends his nights sweeping the streets of London blowing bottled dreams into children’s bedrooms and sustaining himself on a diet of ‘snozzcumbers’ – a foul tasting vegetable substitute to ‘human beans’.

Despite his intimidating appearance, Sophie discovers that the BFG is a kind-hearted soul and they quickly become friends. The BFG shares with Sophie the wonders and secrets of Dream Country, but she soon finds herself in danger by the sudden arrival of several human bean gobbling giants. In order to stop the Giants tyranny, together they prepare a plan to appeal to the Queen of England for help.

The BFG on Blu-ray

Directed by three-time Academy Award winning director, Steven Spielberg (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park), The BFG stars Oscar-winning actor, Mark Rylance as the BFG (Bridge of Spies, The Other Boleyn Girl) and newcomer Ruby Barnhill as Sophie. Penelope Wilton plays The Queen, Rebecca Hall as Mary, the Queen’s maid, and Rafe Spall as her honourable servant. They are joined by Jemaine Clement and Bill Hader as two of the formidable giants.

THE BFG is available on Digital Download, Blu-Ray™ and DVD. Order your own copy today on Amazon.


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Christmas Picks! Five DVDs for Five Year Olds

DVDs make great stocking fillers. What could be better than a whole DVD of your favourite TV series? I’ve picked my five favourite DVDs for Five Year Olds this Christmas for five year olds. I know my small boy would love to find any of these under the tree this Christmas.

Milkshake! Fabulous Friends DVD

DVDs for Five Year OldsThis is a brilliant compilation DVD of your favourite children’s shows from Channel 5’s Milkshake! Hit shows on this newly released DVD include Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, Fireman Sam, Thomas & Friends, Little Princess, Bananas in Pyjamas, Toby’s Travelling Circus, Wanda & The Alien, Pip Ahoy, Toot The Tiny Tugboat, Dora & Friends, Paw Patrol, Wissper, Lily s Driftwood Bay, Bob the Builder.

The Milkshake! Fabulous Friends DVD is rated U and is 140 minutes long and is available in retailers and online now. Compilations are great DVDs for five year olds who like a bit of variety and have shorter attention spans.

Peter Rabbit: The Tale of The Great Rabbit and Squirrel Adventure

Join our hDVDs for Five Year Oldsero Peter Rabbit in his latest adventure in The Tale of the Great Rabbit and Squirrel Adventure. From the much loved children’s author, Beatrix Potter, comes a wonderful new collection of the escapades of Peter Rabbit and his friends. The episodes on this new DVD include:- The Tale of the Great Rabbit and Squirrel Adventure, The Tale of Two Enemies, The Tale of Mr Tod’s Trap, The Tale of the Wiggly Worms, The Tale of Fierce Rabbit and The Tale of Old Brown’s Feather.

Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Great Rabbit and Squirrel Adventure DVD is rated U and is 84 minutes long. It is available in a range of high street shops and online now.

Paw Patrol: Pups Save Christmas DVD

par_d59180585dAny Paw Patrol fan would be delighted with this collection of five episodes from the hit children’s animated series PAW Patrol. Follow the exploits of a group of hero pups who go around solving problems in Adventure Bay. The episodes included in this special festive DVD are: ‘Pups Save Christmas’, ‘Pups Save the Penguins’, ‘Pups Save the Pop-Up Penguins’, ‘Pups Save Skye’ and ‘Pups Bear-ly Save Danny’.

The Paw Patrol: Pups Save Christmas DVD is rated U and is 69 minutes long. This essential gift for Paw patrol fans is available from a wide range of retailers including Amazon.

Masha and the Bear – Holiday on Ice DVD

510fnz8niml-_sy300_Join Masha and the Bear in this new DVD – Holiday On Ice. Watch as Masha gets up to her old tricks and causes mischief and mayhem for Bear. Episodes include Holiday on Ice, One, Two, Three! Light the Christmas Tree, Picture Perfect, Tracks of Unknown Animals, Watch Out!, First Day of School, No Trespassing!

This adorable festive themed DVD from Abbey Home Media is rated U and is 61 minutes long. This DVD is currently available on Amazon for £4.99!

Children in Need Pudsey and Friends DVD

61-4ezgnvkl-_sy300_Join all of Pudsey’s Friends in this first BBC Children In Need DVD which will help raise money for Britain’s biggest and favourite Children’s Charity. Episodes include Twirlywoos, Peter Rabbit, Something Special, Bing, Teletubbies, Mike the Knight, Charlie and Lola, Timmy Time, Sarah and Duck, Chuggington, The Furchester, Octonauts, Cloudbabies , Q Pootle 5 and In The Night Garden.

The Pudsey and Friends DVD is a very special compilation and a great way of entertaining young children. The DVD is full of familiar, well-loved characters from a whole range of Cbeebies favourites, all brought together to help raise funds for a fantastic cause.

The Pudsey and Friends DVD is rated U, it runs for 180 minutes and is widely available online and in the shops now. You can read my full review here.

Those are my five picks for DVDs for Five Year Olds this Christmas. 

Christmas Picks! Five DVDs for Five Year Olds

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Charity: Children in Need Pudsey and Friends DVD

This year Children in Need is on 18th November. Our favourite fundraising bear Pudsey has teamed up with Cbeebies and Abbey Home Media to put together a very special Pudsey and Friends DVD compilation, featuring 15 episodes from some of CBeebies’ best loved shows.

Pudsey and Friends DVD

The Pudsey and Friends DVD has over 3 hours of pre-school fun and includes the following episodes – 

  • Twirlywoos – Turning
  • Peter Rabbit – The Tale of Old Rusty
  • Something Special – Circus
  • Bing – Hearts
  • Teletubbies – Conga
  • In The Night Garden – Upsy Daisy only wants to Sing
  • Mike the Knight – The Snoring Dragon
  • Charlie & Lola – I Can Train Your Dog
  • Timmy Time – Timmy’s Picnic
  • Sarah and Duck – Sarah, Duck and The Penguins
  • Chuggington – Trainee Camp
  • The Furchester Hotel – Peckity Woodpecker
  • Octonauts – Porcupine Puffer
  • Cloudbabies – Rainbows Orchestra
  • Q Pootle 5 – Pootle’s New Spaceship

The Children in Need Pudsey and Friends DVD is a great way to raise money to help disadvantaged children and young people throughout the UK. A minimum of £2 from the sale of every DVD will go towards helping children and young people across the UK have a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their full potential. 

Pudsey and Friends DVD

Compilation DVDs are always very popular with us, and the Pudsey and Friends DVD is no exception. I think we both appreciate a DVD with a variety of things to watch on it, and this DVD is jam packed with Cbeebies fun. It’s great value too, it’s currently just £5 on Amazon (with £2 going to Children in Need).

The Pudsey and Friends DVD is a very special compilation and a great way of entertaining young children. The DVD is full of familiar, well-loved characters from a whole range of Cbeebies favourites, all brought together to help raise funds for a fantastic cause.

The Pudsey and Friends DVD is rated U, it runs for 180 minutes and is widely available online and in the shops now.

Disclosure: We received a Pudsey and Friends DVD for the purposes of writing this review, all opinions and images are our own. Contains Amazon affiliate links.