Shaking up my Mum Wardrobe with JD Williams

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My Mum wardrobe is pretty pedestrian. I like to stick to a selection of basics which I can mix and match without having to think too hard about things. I like to be comfortable and I like things which aren’t too fussy. I’m weirdly hard to please when it comes to clothes and if I’m ever going on a nice night out, stepping out of my uniform puts me in a right “does my bum look big in this” panic. 

With the changing of the seasons, I knew I needed to freshen up my wardrobe. I definitely needed a new nice top to wear on nights out and some shoes for my recent break away to Ribby Hall in Lancashire. I had a look at what JD Williams had to offer and I was pretty pleased with what I chose and what good value for money everything was.

First up was ladies footwear. I confess to being a little bit sniffy about Crocs, they’re not known for being the most attractive shoe in the world, but I’d heard very good things about Crocs Flip-Flops. Having spied them on the JD Williams website for just £24 for the pair and I couldn’t resist. 

Shaking up my Mum Wardrobe with JD Williams

I chose the navy Crocs Kadee II Ladies flip-flops because I knew they would go with everything. They are so comfortable and they have little raised beads which feel like they’re giving your feet a little massage. I’m a total crocs convert now and they’ve had so many compliments. 

My next little footwear treat were these lovely Lotus ladies Portelli trainers which were reduced from £51 to £36 – a total bargain! Lotus shoes have a great reputation for style and quality. I really loved the look of these trainers. They’re stylish and colourful but understated. They will also go with almost anything.

Shaking up my Mum Wardrobe with JD Williams

For the last few years I’ve been looking at Joe Browns tops and thinking about buying one. I have ummed and ahhed for so long because I am so fussy. What will the quality and material be like? How are the sizes? Will they be as good as they look? After much deliberation I opted for the Joe Browns Winter Floral Gypsy Blouse (£39).

Shaking up my Mum Wardrobe with JD Williams

This Joe Browns blouse is similar to something I already have, so it wasn’t too much of a leap into the unknown for me. It fits really well and the quality is great. I’d be very happy to buy another Joe Browns top in the future. It is as my friend said, something that I’d not normally wear, but she said I looked nice in it, so I’ll take that and wear it to my birthday bash next weekend!

I was pretty pleased with my little splurge at JD Williams. I’ve got some lovely new things which I can save for nice relaxed nights out over the autumn. What do you think about what I’ve chosen?

Note: I was sent these items for review purposes. All images and opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Shaking up my Mum Wardrobe with JD Williams

  1. I’ve never tried Crocs flip flops… largely because the better known Crocs footwear is hideous haha. But the flip flops look fantastic! I’ve been a big Skechers flip flops wearer over recent years but might have to look at some of these when I replace my current ones.

    Love the top on you 🙂

  2. The Crocs flip flops look a lot better than the originals. I don’t really wear flip flops myself, more a slides girl but these are really nice. Good choice x

  3. Always nice to spruce up your wardrobe. I find browsing on a site like JD Williams is so much easier than wandering in shops. I really like the styles of Joe Browns stuff, particularly the dresses.

  4. Adding new item to the wardrobe is always pleasure I love the gypsy top and the flipflops.I have in the past bought shoes from J D Williams.

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